4 Tips to Make Crazy Sales This Holiday Season

Jackie L.

The holiday season is here and every business is looking to make increasing sales.  Especially during a recession, finding ways to entice people to come buy from you is paramount.  It’s even more tricky to market to customers as everyone is pinching pennies.  You may feel that marketing is taking more time and effort as we switch up tactics to sell.

To make things a bit easier on you, here are 4 simple actions to take to help you sell more this holiday season!

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize!

One thing you should be doing with your products and services is optimizing them to be found in searches on websites like Google.  What does this mean?  You will have to look at your data!  Look at what products have sold the best this year, and optimize those.  Check all your image sizes, load times for those product pages, and adjust any keywords to mention holiday shopping or holiday offers and sales.  You will need popular keywords and phrases for holiday shopping and apply those to your products.

Improve the Checkout Process

The one thing people want is to checkout quickly and easily during the holiday season.  People’s patience and attention spans are decreasing and no one wants to be stressed out while shopping online. Especially when it comes to a confusing and complicated checkout process.  Look at yours and see if there is any way you can make it even more simple.  The easier and simple is to checkout, the more likely customers are going to purchase from you.  

Update Your Email Marketing Campaigns

If you aren’t sending emails now, you better start!  Go in and create a few automations to help you send out word about any holiday season offers coming up.  If you don’t have a holiday sale now, you can offer your most loyal customers a special holiday discount to entice them to purchase from you.  If you notice a few abandoned carts at your website, create some emails to remind those customers about their abandoned carts, and encourage them to purchase quickly to get in on any deals you have.

Provide Stellar Customer Service

The one thing that is going to make or break your holiday season profits is customer service. Over 85% of visitors turn into long term, loyal customers when they receive good customer service. Look at your customer service outlets and see how you can make them better.  Update your FAQ section about shipping and refund policies.  Be polite, professional, and helpful, even when the customer is being a snot. Look into automated live chat messages so that customers are in the loop about when to hear from you, and answer back in a timely manner.

With these 4 simple actions, you can take your profits from hoo-hum to ohmygod!  The better you make the customer experience, the more likely they will come back to purchase from you, plus buy all their holiday needs at your website!

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