4 Tips to Create the Best Ecommerce Listing

Jackie L.


Black Friday.  Small Business Saturday.  Cyber Monday.

If you are an ecommerce business, you should be very familiar with these special holiday sales days.  Making sure we have some great stuff for holiday sales is a must.  This is the time of year that customers are looking for deals.  Now is the time to start gathering customer data and working on making new ones loyal repeat customers!  

We want our products and services to shine.  So, let’s take a look at how we can make the perfect ecommerce listing for your online store.

Connect to Their Emotions

Up to 95% of purchasing decisions are based solely on emotions.  This is why it is so important to know the emotional need of your target audience and customer base.  Think about what emotions are felt when viewing your product.  Does it spark joy, Mari Kondo style?  Does it make the customer feel included? Do they believe it gives them a high status amongst others?  You want to tap into this.  The best way to find out is to research your target audience, and look at your existing customer data.  Once you figure this out, your ecommerce listing is going to sell big.

Anticipate Customers’ Needs

Not only is it vital to know the problems your customers need solutions to, but you should also anticipate their needs and concerns.  Think ahead, and put yourself in their shoes.  Knowing what your customers need before they know shows you are thinking of them.  Think about what they may be looking for.  Or, if you have a product that would compliment something they already have, feature that.  

The Price is Right

One factor that also determines whether a customer will purchase from you is the price.  Especially with large sales, like Black Friday, showing customers how much of a price drop you offer is very enticing.  Depending on your industry, using rounded numbers or prices including “9” (like $19.99) will also encourage the customer to find your pricing a bargain or attractive.

Create the Perfect Copy

The copy we write will have a huge affect on the results of your ecommerce listing.  Your headline should be attention grabbing.  Keep it short, but with all the necessary information your audience is going to need.  Once you grab them with an amazing headline, add all the details in the product listing itself.  Make it easy to scan, as most customers are not spending a lot of time reading.  If you want to take it to the next level, add high resolution images and even videos with your products.  Seeing the product in action encourages customers to decide on purchasing it.

The most important things to remember about an ecommerce listing is to connect to your audience’s emotions, know and anticipate their needs, and create amazing copy that will sell your product fast.  Once you perfect this formula, you will be making profits easily!

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