4 Tips for Successful Facebook/Instagram Ads

Jackie L.


Facebook and Instagram ads are a great marketing tool to get your products and services in front of more eyes.  Facebook has one of the highest click-through rates compared to other social media platforms.  There can be some challenges to creating ads that convert potential customers to loyal customers.  As each business may differ on their approach to Facebook/Instagram ads, there are certain tips that can work across the board to make sure they work successfully for you.

Talk About the Benefits

Which one do you think would persuade you to buy: The ad that explains the product and what it does, or the ad that shows you how it’s going to make your life easier? 

Customers don’t want to hear ads that tell them something they can discern for themselves.  Refrain from using language that only describes the product and what it does.  Customers can understand this without all the verbiage.  What really works is the copy that tells them how the product and service is going to help them solve their problems.  

Test, Test, and Test Again

When it comes to any ad you create, testing your designs, copy, and advert as a whole will ensure you will have a successful run on Facebook and Instagram.  Not all customers are alike, so you will have to approach each ad with this in mind.  Make small changes to each advert.  This could be another image, a different color, or verbiage.  Try A/B testing to see what works best.  Once you know what works for each of your target audiences will guarantee the best results.

Don’t Go Stale

When you find an advert design and copy that works, don’t make the mistake of not changing it as time goes on.  Trends change quite often so it’s best to also stay on top of your ads.  This can be anything, from graphics to verbiage to the Call-to-Action. Take some time to think about what your target audience may find intriguing.  

Keep Your Target Audience in Mind

Avoid the mistake that the same target audience uses Facebook and Instagram.  This will highly affect how you word your copy and the colors and images you will use.  Baby Boomers and Millennials tend to use Facebook much more than Instagram.  While Millennials and Gen-Zers will mostly be on Instagram.   This is where A/B testing will come in as you send ads out to different generations.

If you keep these 4 things in mind, you can create amazing and high-converting Facebook and Instagram ads.  Smart and well-thought out approaches to ad creation is the best route for success.

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