4 Tips for Building an Email List Quick

Jackie L.


The first step to any successful email marketing campaign is building an email list of subscribers.  It’s important that you start growing your email list as soon as possible.  Email marketing is still the best way to reach potential customers.  Once you have gotten your email newsletter provider and created a kick ass template, you’re ready to advertise your email campaign.  Let’s look at some quick and effective ways to grow that email subscriber list.

Make It Easy as 1, 2, 3!

You have, on average, less than 10 seconds to grab the customers attention.  We have long stressed that simple and easy sign up forms are the best way to go.  Be sure to create sign up forms that have the bare minimum in terms of fields.  Only gather the information you absolutely need.  Fill out your form and clock yourself.  Does it take you less than 10 seconds to complete?  If not, go back and remove some fields.  You can always gather more information in a later campaign, or through analytics tools from a customer’s purchase.

Make a Custom Landing Page

Landing pages are a single page with only relevant information for the product or service being advertised.  Landing pages are a great way to entice your potential customers to subscribe to your email newsletter.  Keep the offers to one per landing page.  Multiple offers on one page or multiple links can be detrimental to your bottom line.  Again, simplicity is the key to keeping your potential customers engaged, and signing up as the end result.

An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Potential customers are looking for a good reason to sign up for your email newsletter.  Show them on your landing page what special goodies they can expect from signing up.  You can offer specials that are only available through the newsletter or access to subscriber-only content.  Once they sign up, be sure to keep your promise of special content.  Send your newsletters out to your email list in a timely manner so they know when to expect the content.

Trigger an Emotion

We’ve talked about utilizing psychology to increase your conversion rates.  You can also use it to encourage visitors to sign up and grow your email list.  You can show them your authority on the product or service.  Display badges, seals, and certificates to showcase your trustworthiness as a business.  Have your current customer reviews in an obvious area, so they can see what others are saying about you.  Be personable and approachable.  Customers and potential customers want a friendly face they feel connected to.

In Conclusion…

For email list growth, make sure your landing page has simple sign up forms, and a clear message is guaranteed to get you the results you want.  As always, test your landing pages and sign up forms.  Testing and adapting your form as time goes on will allow you to be successful, no matter how your target audience changes.  These tips are so easy, you can begin applying them today!

If you need some help with growing your email marketing list, send us a message today!

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