4 Mistakes to Avoid with Email Marketing

Jackie L.


Did you know that almost 75% of Millennials prefer to communicate with businesses through email?  That is why making sure your email marketing strategy is as effective as possible.  There are so many factors that go into a great email campaign.  It can be easy to make a small mistake, which can cost you more time and money than you bring in.  

That’s why we’re going to touch on a few mistakes to avoid and how to fix them!

The Email That Never Ends…

The average person has less than 10 seconds to be grabbed by businesses.  If your email is too long and chock full of words, don’t expect them to spend too much time reading it.  Your email newsletter needs to grab their attention with a unique subject, then gives them the information that was promised in that subject line.  

If you need a word count, roughly 200-300 words is best for an email newsletter.  However, also  consider your audience, what problem they need solving, or the valuable information you want to give them.  Add video or images that will get the message across without having to write about what you want to say.  These will help you craft an email that will keep them reading.

Don’t Lie

We all want our subscribers to open our email campaigns.  Don’t write clickbait subject lines just to get them into your newsletter.  This is a quick way to decrease trust and loyalty with your business.  If you write a truly interesting and clickable subject line, be sure to offer up exactly what you promised in the body of the email.  

Double Check Your Links

There’s nothing worse than clicking on a link, anxiously wondering what it will bring, to only have an error page pop up.  Almost every email campaign website has a “Send a Test Email” function.  Use it!  Send test emails to yourself any number of times to make sure your images, links, and other content loads properly.  If you find a broken link, fix it before sending it off.  Not checking your email campaign for issues is like not proofreading your thesis paper before turning it in.

Proofread, and Then Do it Again!

This relates to the above topic.  There’s nothing worse than sending an email full of typos.  Not only is it messy, but it shows unprofessionalism.  Yes, it takes time to read and re-read a campaign to make sure you have dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s.  Something as small as proofreading can make or break building customer relationships.  Take a beat, and proofread your email.

These can be pretty easy mistakes to make.  However, taking the time to proofread, check broken links, and provide valuable content that your readers will love is all worth it.  Create a newsletter you would love to receive, and you will have a winning campaign!

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