4 Impressive Website Design Elements to Use Instantly

Jackie L.

When you are a small business, you may not have a large budget for a website design that has all the bells and whistles.  You may be doing the website design yourself, but are finding that visitor traffic is low.  You need help fixing that!

If you are finding that website design is something you want to tackle on your own, here are a few quick fixes for website design that you can easily use right now.

Get Your Branding on Point

Do you have branding? You may be thinking why branding matters to your small business.  Branding is more than your mission statement or why you service people.  Having consistent branding throughout your website design will help build trust, and eventually loyalty, in your customers.  Take some time to pick the right colors that bring you traffic, build a logo, and keep the general message as simple and clear as possible across all pages.

Keep Writing Short and Sweet

When it comes to the text on your website, it should be short, sweet, and instantly hooks visitors.  If you have a novel on your website, it’s time to go in and make it simpler.  Cut out anything that visitors don’t really need, make the language simpler, and see how you can make it more compelling by using power words.  Using power words can easily increase your traffic and conversions by almost 13%!

Make the Menu More Enticing

Don’t use the usual words in the navigation menu.  Instead, use alternative words that speak more clearly to your audience.  Try to use action words that are associated with the typical navigation menu items.  Not only does this provide a clearer idea of what they find, but they know there is value behind them.

Make Clear Call-to-Actions

If you have a Call-to-Action on your website, how clear and straightforward is it for your visitors?  If there is one thing you do that takes your website design from hoo-hum to awesome, it’s making sure your Call to Actions are crystal clear.  Keep them short and sweet, plus make sure the button color makes it extremely obvious.  You want your visitors to stop scrolling and take action to become a customer!

With these incredibly easy actions you can take to make your small business website design work better for you, there’s no telling how amazing fast it will grow!

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