3 Tips to Increase Email Newsletter Open Rates

Jackie L.


Email campaigns are essential in a marketing strategy.  They should have as much importance as your social media.  This is where you can connect even more to your customers than social media can.  However, when looking at analytics, we may sometimes notice that our brilliant email campaigns have a low click rate.  We want our email subscribers to open our emails.  

There are several tips you can use to encourage more readers to open your emails and click your Calls to Action.

Keep it Short, Simple, and Clickable

In our subject lines, we want to tell the subscriber exactly what they can expect to read in your email newsletter.  However, that all can be lost if the subscriber cannot read the entire subject line in their inbox.  If it cuts off, the reader is less likely to open the email.  You can remedy this by keeping the subject line under 30 characters.  This allows readers to see what is in store for them whether they are on a computer or mobile phone.  

Be sure to also make your headline as enticing as possible so they can’t resist opening it.  Use questions your audience may be asking themselves.  Provide them with a bullet list, such as “3 Tips to Get More from Your Virtual Experience”, or use words of urgency like “limited”, “Short time only”, or “While supplies last”.

Refrain from Bombarding Their Inbox

Almost 50% of customers enjoy getting email newsletters from businesses they love or purchase from.  However, very few like getting bombarded by that same business with newsletters.  That’s why it’s very important to gauge how often you should be sending out email newsletters.  It is highly recommended not to send out emails every day, or even every other day.  Depending on your industry, sending a newsletter out once or twice a month is adequate enough.

If you see a decrease in email opens and are frequently sending out campaigns, try scaling back a bit.

Segment Your Email List

Not all customers are going to open your emails if it has no connection to them.  Making groups or tag groups for your email newsletter is a great way to send emails to certain subscribers without bothering those that didn’t sign up for those emails.  You can segment your subscriber list any way you’d like.  It can be based on purchases, abandoned carts, loyalty, and more.  This way, you can craft better campaigns that have more open rates.  

Whatever your industry, every business can benefit by re-working their email campaigns to increase their open rates.  With shorter, more enticing headlines, consistent content, and segmenting of your list, you can guarantee more open rates for your amazing email campaigns!

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