3 Tips for a Great Customer Experience

Jackie L.


Did you know?  The number one most important factor in whether a customer stays with you or leaves is customer experience.  

As we now see, the entire world is moving to shopping online.  Whether it’s for groceries, clothing, or household goods, everything is purchased online and shipped to the customer’s front door.  If your business is online, you may be experiencing a high volume of orders coming in, or maybe you are a business that is just now moving online.

The most important thing, beyond a great website and social media presence, is having a well planned out Customer Experience.  How your customers feel while shopping with you can make or break your profit margin!  Check out these tips below to make sure your overall Customer Experience plan makes your shoppers feel like royalty.

Show Them You Care

There’s no doubt about it.  Your customers want to feel, and know, that you care about them.  Connecting with them is the key to gaining loyal, repeat shoppers.  There are many ways along the customer’s purchase journey that you can show you care about their experience.  

A big thank you goes a long way after their purchase.  Shipping is a big mess right now, and whenever it is a mess, send a message of gratitude for their patience and understanding.  If you end up making a mistake, thank them for letting you know.  Show them you will work on fixing it as soon as possible.

Put yourself in the customers’ shoes.  How would you feel if you received the wrong product?  Maybe if your shipment was delayed or even lost?  You would want a company that understands completely how you feel.  Over 65% of customers who have a positive experience will purchase from you again.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Customers want to be in and out with their online shopping.  Make it easy-peasy to order from your website will guarantee a great customer experience.  A simple, clean website design will do wonders.  Straight forward navigation and an easy checkout extinguish any doubts that their purchase went through.

Does a customer have a complaint, concern, or question?  Make it easy for them to voice it.  Have a variety of options for your customers to reach you, whether it;s on social media, a live chat box, or email.

Don’t Be a Robot

Automated messages are great for the initial contact, such as a customer contacting you outside business hours.  However, if your message responses continue to sound robotic, or scripted, kiss the customer experience goodbye.  Give each customer a personal experience.  They want to know that their problem has a solution, not be kicked down the line until they just give up trying to find the answer.  Be professional without sounding too mechanical, and feel free to relax with a customer who has a positive experience.  They want to feel like they are dealing with another human being, not a machine.


Your customers want to feel appreciated and cared for, no matter how positive or negative of an experience they have.  The customer experience is a journey that starts with visiting your website to receiving their product or service.  Make sure your plan has you making them feel how important they are to you.

Need some help ironing out a great Customer Experience plan?  Send us a message today!  

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