Your Facebook Page: 4 Terms You Must Know

Jackie L.

Facebook Insights is an invaluable, and free, tool to help you get the most out of your posts and ads done through your Facebook business page. Facebook gives you insight on who your audience is, what they are looking for, and how to reach them. The days of posting meaningless material hoping that someone will come along and share it are over. It is an amazing marketing tool to use to grow your customer base and get your message out there without wasting any time or energy.

If you are new to creating and maintaining a Facebook business page, we have the 4 basic terms to know and how to utilize them to get your brand out there.

Friends of Friends

This is the top tier to understand. This term is for the potential customers or target audience through the people who already like your business page. It could be 100, 1,000, or even 1,000,000 possible people out there to get your message in front of. You can reach these friends by boosting a post through the ads manager when you create an ad.


You might have noticed this one below any post on your page. It tells you how many people your ad or post has reached. This also means it is the grand total over a wide variety of ways the post has been viewed by an audience. This can be people who like your business page and those who have not.

Sometimes, you will notice how the number of people reached with your post can differ. To increase your reach numbers, create highly shareable content. Think about creating posts or ads that make people stop scrolling and think, “I gotta share this!”

People Talking About This

This term shows you the people that liked, shared, or commented on your post. Fans who share your content on their newsfeed will also get liked and possible re-shares. This also counts in the number of people talking about you and your page. Other factors that increase the number of “people talking about this” can be RSVP-ing to an event you created, your page being tagged, and liking a check-in sale promotion.

You can increase the number of people talking about your page by creating meaningful and engaging content weekly, ask open-ended questions for your audience to answer, and respond within a timely manner when someone comments on your content.

Engaged Users

This term tells you how many people clicked on a post. While you may have a large number of fans, engaged users are the fans (and non-fans) who are interacting with your page. This number will also help you figure out where your page is being successful in content strategies and visibility, allowing you to make improvements where needed. You can increase engagement by getting your fans involved and providing content they can talk about or have a mixture of videos, photos, and written posts in your content strategy.

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