When Getting Salesy Makes You Cringe

Jackie L.


If you are a business owner, you will have to sell to people.  This is probably the worst part of owning a business for most people.  But did you know that only 13% of customers believe a business can understand their wants and needs? Yikes!  That is a really low number of businesses knowing what their base is looking for.  

Don’t be one of those businesses that continually hits and misses with their sales pitch!  Let’s look at a few tips on how to sell without the cringe sales talk.

Know Your Audience

Remember that stat above?  The area that most businesses are failing is knowing who their audience is.  That’s also knowing what they want and need.  If you don’t know who your audience is, you will be a business that fails to sell to them.  While it takes time, set aside some of it to find out who your target audience is and what their problem is.  Once you know this, you will be one of the few businesses giving them exactly what they want!

Connect with Your Audience

You can avoid being too salesy if you make a genuine connection to your audience.  Customers today want to feel like they know you.  Instead of seeing people as dollar signs, see them as friends.  How would you talk to your friends about your business?  Once they feel like you got their backs, they will be more willing to buy from you.

Avoid Constant Product Talk

You might be wondering why we would say don’t talk about your product.  The last thing potential customers want to hear is “Buy my product!”.  While it’s important for you to make money, product placement should be as little as possible or even an afterthought.  Reach out with stories, insights, articles, and freebies so that customers see you as an authority and source of information.  This builds connection and trust in you, thus making them more likely to purchase from you.

Formula a Great Sales Funnel

When we reach out to a customer, we don’t throw out the BUY NOW Call to Action.  Make sure you have a great drip campaign that reels them in slowly.  Let them know you understand how they feel and give them tons of free information.  A drip campaign is a great way to slowly lead the customer to purchasing from you without it feeling too annoying or salesy.  Take them by the hand and show them the way!

You can easily sell products without being that annoying sales person.  Once you apply these tips and change up your strategy to be more customer focused, you will easily make sales without having to cringe!

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