What Goes Into a Great Landing Page

Jackie L.


Landing pages are a great way to convert a visitor to a customer.  A landing page is a simple page with a small amount of information geared to encourage that customer to purchase from you.  Landing pages can be lead generators, a small condensed version of your website, or a product description page.  If you don’t have a landing page, you’re missing out on growing your email newsletter list or getting valuable data and insights into your audience.

Don’t have a landing page yet?  Check out some statistics below to help you create the perfect landing page for your business.

Have a Mobile Ready Landing Page

We can’t stress enough how important it is to be mobile friendly.  The majority of purchases, and internet use in general, is done through mobile devices.  Mobile friendly landing pages are more likely to increase customer conversion rates than desktop ones.  By creating a mobile friendly landing page, you can increase your conversion rates by 5%, states Adobe.

There’s no excuse for not having a mobile friendly landing page nowadays.  Most website hosts have an option to create your desktop website into something that is readily available for mobile users.

Provide Links

Your landing page is all about converting visitors into customers.  If they go to your landing page, the rule of “Less is More” applies here.  Provide a link to a Call-to-Action for one topic only.  Landing pages are meant to have only the relevant information customers need.  They are not a full blown website.  The more links you have, the less likely those visitors are going to convert or follow through with your Call-to-Action.

Loading at the Speed of Light

This rule is the same as with any internet website or ecommerce store you may have.  The faster a landing page loads, the more likely you will have higher conversion rates.  Customers don’t want to wait for a landing page with large images, walls of text, and videos to load.  You only have 8 seconds to get their attention, so make sure your landing page is loading within 2-3 seconds.

Optimize images for the fastest loading times without sacrificing quality, keep text to the point, and video short and sweet.

Proof that Customers Should Do Business with You

If you have an Instagram account or a Facebook business page, happy customers will be posting about how much they love your products.  Reviews from current happy customers, whether images or text, will do wonders in getting you high conversion rates.  Potential customers are more likely to follow through with a purchase if others are happy with what you sell.  So, display those great reviews front and center.

In Conclusion…

Landing pages are just as important as a full website.  They help you increase conversion rates, leads, and profits.  When you create the perfect landing page, the sky’s the limit!

If you find that you are needing help with getting your landing page just right, send us a message!  We are happy to help you on your way to success.

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