What Customers Want in a Business

Jackie L.


When we set out in our new business venture, you want to solve a problem our target audience has.  Researching your target audience helps in making sure you use the right platforms and media.  We want to grab our customers’ attention and keep it.  It can be a challenge in any entrepreneur’s journey to create the right stuff that it takes to keep those customers for the long term.

Do you know what your customers want?  Check it out if you need a new and improved way to get, and keep, their attention!

The Price is Right

Customers want a great price you can’t pass up for a quality product.  Making sure you are also selling at a competitive price helps sway customers towards your business.  To find out if your product is at the right price, check out some competitors.  Do they have the same product or service for a more affordable price?  Find out what they do to entice customers to purchase with you.

Excellent Customer Service

We have touched on how customer service goes a long way with customers.  Whether they are having a positive or negative experience, your customer service can make anyone into a loyal and repeat customer.  Making sure your customer service line is always available  is a great start.  Take care of every customer issue with politeness, urgency, and working towards a resolve.

Be Everywhere They Are

People are not only shopping on a PC or laptop.  They also are not only buying on your amazing ecommerce website.  Your customers can shop just about anywhere.  Make sure your products and service are for sale, and purchasable, across many different channels.  This can be having an ecommerce store equipped for PC and mobile, along with a Facebook store, eBay, and Amazon.  The more places they can find you, they more likely they will purchase from you.

Make Returns a Snap

When someone makes a purchase, they look for the option that carries the least risk.  This option they look for is how easy it is to return a product if they are unsatisfied.  Free returns is the second most likely reason for a person to shop at a specific store that has this available.  However, don’t let having free returns worry you about making a profit.  This article states that 62% of those shoppers would definitely buy again from a company with a free returns policy, and almost 90% of customers prefer a company that has this kind of policy.

Show Them Your Security Features

The biggest issue with shopping online is security.  It can be all too easy for information to be hacked.  Show your patrons that your website has the highest security features in place.  Shopping safely is a high priority for shopping online.  You can show this by using seals or badges that state the type of security your website employs to ensure an enjoyable shopping experience.

In conclusion..

If you really want to know what shoppers want in a company, place yourself in their shoes.  What would make you choose a company to do business with?  What would it take to become a repeat customer?  Using your own values when online shopping can give you amazing insight into how the majority of customers feel about online shopping.  Give them the best reasons to choose you!

Are you looking for more assistance in encouraging customers to shop with you?  Message us today!  We are happy to help you along the road to success!

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