Website Design Tips for Color Blindness

Jackie L.


When you are designing your website, it’s important to use colors and images to tell your business’ story.  However, sometimes your target audience may miss your message due to a disability, whether it’s a hearing or visual impairment.  Color blindness affects up to 8% of males and less than 1% of females.  When it comes to customers with color blindness, we need to take into consideration how we are conveying the message beyond colors.  

We want to make sure our website can cater to just about anyone.  Check out these tips to help you make your website more accessible for those with color blindness.

Be Careful with Colors

There are certain colors that those with color blindness will have issues with when viewing your website.  Certain combinations can also make it difficult to navigate your website.  The three major colors that can be hard for those with color blindness to differentiate from are red, green and blue.  However, even if you choose one of those colors for your business, doesn’t mean all is lost.  

If green is your major color, avoid pairing it with blue, red, or brown.  Those with blue in their pallet shouldn’t combine green or purple.  And, red colors don’t do well with green.  

Simple and Clean

We have always advised to keep any website design simple and clean.  A website that is cluttered makes it difficult for anyone to find what they need.  By keeping your website minimalistic, this will help you with using colors, too.  The easier it is to find what they need, the more likely customers are to continue coming to you for their purchasing needs.

Utilize Symbols and Textures

If thinking about colors is enough to make your head spin, try using symbols and textures to help those with color blindness see differences or important information.  If you have graphs, try textures like checkers or lines.  Any important forms should use symbols to help those with red deficiencies see what they need to enter and where.  Shapes are also another great way to help those with this disability see the flow of information.  So, get creative outside of colors!

Tools For Designing

Sometimes, we can back ourselves into a design corner.  Never fear!  There are tools online that can help you see if what you have chosen works or not.  

At, you can see if your text and background color are easily readable for even those with color blindness.  Another great website and app is Contraste App.  It can help you see if your color scheme is suitable to those with visual impairments.  

In conclusion, the best website you can have is something that anyone can access from any device.  Whether visually impaired or not, you can bet that having the best customer experience possible can guarantee you business growth and development of long lasting customer relationships.

Do you need help building an amazing and easily usable website?  Contact us now for our web design services in Houston!  Our team is ready to give you the best website for your business today!

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