Using Video Content to Propel Your Business

Jackie L.


Using video content in your social media marketing strategy is a great way to reach out to your customers.  Almost 55% of customers want to see video from their favorite brand or business.  Video content allows customers to be entertained while obtaining all the information they need to make a purchase.  This media can also open you to a large variety of creative ways to get your business out to the public.  You can use How-To, Top lists, or an inside look into your business.

Are you looking to branch out into video content?  Check out some tips below to get you started.

Which Platforms to Use?

There are many social media platforms to use for video content.  If you are not sure which to use, we recommend using the top 3 platforms, which are Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.  

Instagram is one of the fastest growing platforms to use video marketing.  IGTV is the newest accessory for Instagram.  It allows you to post longer videos, which opens creative doors to make awesome video content!  You can even post previews of your videos to your business Instagram account, encouraging customers to click through and watch more.

How Often Should I Post Video Content?

Video content schedules are no different than any other social media content.  After carefully researching your target audience, you can create a schedule to post video to your social media platform.  Make sure to post content on the same date and time so that customers can know when to expect the next great video from you.

Why Should I Use Video Content?

Recorded and live video is quickly becoming the content that gives the highest conversion rates.  If you want to see more customers clicking through on your Call-to-Actions, use video on a landing page or in email newsletters.  Landing pages with video can increase conversion rates by 80%!

Some Challenges to Look Out For

While video is a great way to reach your target audience, there are some challenges to creating it.  First, creating a video is extremely time consuming.  There’s filming multiple takes, getting the right lighting, editing, adding music or voice overs, and so on.  You may find that this content type will take you the longest to finish.  Second, quality video editing software may cost you, or may be hard to learn.  This means you may have to take a class and experiment to learn how to use it.  Last, sometimes the budget for video might be beyond what you set aside for this type of post.  

Despite the challenges, there are many ways to make a high quality video on your own!

As you can see, video content is fun to create, gives you a high conversion rate, and is enjoyable for your customers to watch.  Remember that video is a great addition to your content strategy and to mix in with your written and visual media.

Are you still wondering if video is right for you, or need some advice?  Message us today!  We are happy to help!

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