Turn Heads with Amazing Headlines

Jackie L.


When creating content that provokes action and passion in our target audience, the most important part of that content is the headline. No matter how amazing the information inside your content is, no one will read it if the headline is not grabbing their attention.  Most visitors will read the headline, but less than 20% of those readers will actually continue reading the article.  This is why creating an enticing and unique headline is the key to getting visitors to engage in your content.  

You can easily improve your content by writing a great headline.  Need some advice?  Check out these tips for headlines that win!

Choose the Right Words

Your headline can hit or miss in how it is worded.  Taking the time to use the right wording and phrasing can make or break your content.  In 2017, it was found the top 3 phrases that encouraged the most engagement were “will make you”, “this is why”, and “can we guess”.  These phrases can make a link between the headline and what it is inside the content that will help the reader.  It gives a promise of helpful information.

When writing a headline, make the link between the headline and the body of the content.  

Ask a Question

Visitors are always seeking the answers to their problems.  Why not write a headline that is the exact question your visitors are asking themselves?  If you know your target audience, it will be easy to write a headline in the form of a question.  Let them know that you have the answer to their problems.  

Make a List

Whether we do them or not, we love lists!  Lists make information more easily digestible.  Be careful not to make a long list, because visitors only have about 8 seconds of attention to dedicate to finding the information they need.  List headlines let the readers know how much information to expect.  It also shows that they can get their information right now without much reading.

Show Them You Understand

Potential customers want to know if a company truly understands how they feel.  Using empathy in your headline is a quick and effective way to show them exactly that.  We want to show readers that we are not just a company, but a group of people working to help them.  Let your visitors know that you connect with them, thus beginning the process of building long lasting customer relationships.

It’s amazing how using a simple word or phrase, and showing that you understand your target audience can encourage them to begin engaging with you.  We want potential customers to know that we have the solutions they are looking for.  Connection with customers guarantees amazing results for your content and business.

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