Think Outside the Box: Repurposing Your Blog Posts

Jackie L.


There comes a time when we may run out of content ideas.  No matter how much we have planned ahead, our creative tank can become depleted.  Being your own entrepreneur can be stressful, challenging, and cause you to lose focus on certain areas of your business.  However, it’s totally acceptable to reincarnate your popular blog posts!  Taking great performing blog posts and changing the way you present them is a great way to get customers reengaged with your website, and attract new ones.

There are so many ways to rework a blog post.  Let’s jump into all the possibilities!


Infographics are easily becoming the next big thing in content for business.  Studies show that 90% of all information is processed through visuals by the brain.  Infographics combine the information in bite sized pieces with stunning visuals to keep the reader engaged.  They show the most relevant information your customers need to know, with images, colors, and graphics that help highlight that information.


We’re sure you remember slideshow presentations in your school days.  Did you know these are also a great way to get content in front of new eyes?  It’s also a unique way to present your content!  Make each slide highlight an important topic or idea.  You can share your creations on websites like, which allow you to also upload infographics, the original post, and embed videos for added effect.

Live Videos 

Live videos with Facebook are quickly becoming a popular option in content creation for the younger generations.  These are also a great way to market your new blog post!  Going live allows viewers and customers to feel connected to you in the moment, and are more likely to check out more once the live stream is over.  Add text and engage with your viewers to get more traffic flowing to your blog content.

Email Newsletters

You can grab more subscribers and customers by sending blog posts to new subscribers in your newsletters!  It’s a great way to show them a bit about what your business can do for them.  With a little morsel, they are sure to visit your blog or website for more.  Take your best performing content and repurpose it for amazing welcome newsletters.


Not all visitors and customers are able to sit at the computer and read your content.  That’s why podcasts are a great way for those that are on the go.  Turn your blog content into a podcast so they can listen anywhere, anytime!  You don’t need expensive equipment to create a podcast worth listening to. is a great free tool that helps you create amazing podcasts with only your phone.  It also allows to you post your podcast on many different platforms, and monetize on them!

In conclusion….

There are so many ways to recreate your blog posts to attract more visitors.  Think about your target audience and all the ways they receive information.  The ways to create amazing content from blogs posts are almost endless!  So, let your creative juices flow and start recreating today!

Do you have a blog post that has taken on an interesting reincarnation?  Share it with us below!

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