Things to Do When Starting a New Business

Jackie L.


Did you know there are around 580 million entrepreneurs in the world?  It’s exciting to think about starting your own business.  While we look to those that have successfully become their own boss, there is a lot of hard work, long hours, and much research that gets you to that point.  However, it’s not impossible!  If you are thinking about starting on the road to your new (ad)venture, check out these tips to help you move forward on the right foot.

Mission Statement

A mission statement is the base of any and all businesses.  Think about how your business is going to accomplish its goal.  What do you plan for your business to do for your target audience? Talk about what inspired you to create this business.  What need did you see unfulfilled with your target audience?  Is there something that helps you stand out from the competition?  Write about it!  Be sure to keep it short and sweet.

You Got The Look

Now, you are going to think about what you want your business to look like.  Pick around 3 colors that really represent your business.  Check out color psychology to help you in choosing the right colors.  Picking the right colors can help your customers identify you immediately by almost 80%!

Next, think about your logo.  Shape, color, and negative space can have a big impact with how effective your message comes across.  Check out your competitors’ logos.  Were there some that seemed to stand out among others?  Did some look messy or without purpose?  Find the elements you like and incorporate them into yours.  Just be sure not to downright copy their logo!

Build Your Website

Every business needs to have a website.  You need a base for your potential customers to see your products and get to know you.  There are many web hosting companies to choose from.  Take some time to research their prices, what’s included, and how it will work for your company.  Next, register a url that will be easy for people to remember.  You can do this with your web hosting company or with a website like GoDaddy.

Get on Social Media

If you are not on social media, get on it now!  There are a wide variety of platforms to choose from.  Depending on your target audience, one platform may be better than the other.  If you are not sure which platform is the best, make sure to at least get on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  These are the biggest and most used social media platforms.  There are many ways to advertise on these platforms and to reach your target audience.

These are just a few ways to get your new business off the ground, and letting people know you are there.  Make sure your potential customers can get everything they need to know about you through your website design, logo, and social media presence.  The better prepared you are before launch, the high chance they will choose you over your competitors!

Need a little more help getting your new venture off to a great start?  Send us a message today!

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