The Secrets to Successful Landing Pages

Jackie L.


Successful landing pages are one of the best ways to gather potential customer data, or lead generation.  But, not all landing pages are created the same.  The design of these single page websites can make or break your success.  That’s why we also need to carefully think about the design, even though it’s not officially a part of our website.

To find out how you can make a successful landing page, let’s take a look at what can help you make it a super lead generator!

Grab Them with a Headline

The headline you write needs to grab your audience’s attention.  It’s going to be the first thing they see when they come to your landing page.    A great headline is short, sweet, and to the point.  It helps the reader know exactly what the landing page is about.

One thing to stay away from is clickbait headlines.  Doing so can drastically affect your rank on search engines.  Plus, it destroys any chance of building trust with your audience.

Use a Blink Test

A blink test is exactly as it sounds.  The next thing to put on your landing page are the benefits of the offer you are trying to sell to your audience.  All this info should be read and understood in a blink of your eyes.  Try this test, and if you don’t get all the benefits in one blink, you need to rewrite it so it does.

Make it Scannable

In this day and age, the vast majority of people just don’t have time to read all the things your offer is giving them.  On average, you have 5-8 seconds to grab their attention or to give them all the information they need.  The best way to give this information is in a list.  You can use bullets, numbers, or even emojis (all the same, don’t mix it up). The faster they get the information, the better.

Take Away Navigation Menus

A landing page is like a webpage and should keep in line with your business’ colors, fonts, and designs.  However, it is not a webpage that’s a part of your main website!  A landing page is for a single offer and should not have a navigation menu, like your business website.  

Make it Clear as Day

Your landing page should include what you want your visitors to do after reading what you offer and the benefits.  This is where you have the Call-to-Action, and it needs to be obvious and easily understood.  Don’t write a paragraph about what you want them to do.  Make it 1-2 sentences long and put a nice, bright button for them to click.  Also, try to personalize it.  Doing this can help conversion rates soar almost 202% over a generalized CTA!

Making sure you understand what a landing page is and how it functions will help you save time, money, and energy.  Keep it short and simple with clear instructions on your Call-to-Action and you'll gather leads like a boss!

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