The Donts of Pinterest

Jackie L.


Pinterest is a great social media tool to add to your marketing strategy.  In the first financial quarter of 2019, Pinterest announced that it had 291 million users worldwide. That’s a large pool of target audience to advertise to!  Pinterest is mostly used by women aged 25-55. If your target audience falls within that bracket, then this is the platform for you.  Whether you are a new user or want to see better results, we are going to cover some of the Dont’s to avoid when using Pinterest.

Flooding with Pins

While posting as many pins of your products, blogs, or services sounds like a great strategy, it actually does the opposite.  Just like with Instagram and Twitter, you want to post pins on a schedule and in a timely manner.  It is recommended to pin your content, and the content of others (aka sharing), around 10 times a day.  Even though you will be sharing others content, be sure to keep them to a minimum.  The majority of you pins should be your own, unique content.

Pins with Bad Links are Bad

Be careful about what you are re-pinning.  Check where the pins link to before you re-pin them to your own boards.  Not all pins lead to a friendly website, or even one that still works.  Re-pinning images with bad links can decrease the trust your customers have in you.  Keep their trust by pinning only items that work and are from credible sources.

Is There a Description?

Making sure you hit the minimum of 10 pins of day sounds challenging.  It may make you feel like just throwing out whatever you can to save time.  Don’t do this!  An image without a description is less likely to be re-pinned than a pin with a great one.  Make sure to take the time to write a good description for your pin (even for re-pins!).  Otherwise, it’s a waste of resources and usefulness of your pins.

If you are sharing others content, make sure to give credit where it is due.

Don’t Be a Serial Pinner on Group Boards

Pinterest has group boards, which are something like Facebook groups.  One person will run the board while others can join.  If you join a few group boards, post within moderation.  These are great places to advertise your products, but do not over do it.  Become a serial poster and expect to be taken out of the group.

Leave the Hashtags Behind

With this platform, hashtags are basically useless.  Don’t even think about adding them because Pinterest is not set up like other platforms.  Use keywords in your description so your image is easy to find for others.

Don’t Post Certain Things to Public Boards

If you want to pin some things just for yourself, make sure you pin it to a private board.  Make sure to keep anything that is not on point with your brand on a private board.  You will lose credibility if you make private pins public.  It also makes it hard for visitors to know what you are all about, especially if you have a hodgepodge of pins in your boards.

We hope that you find Pinterest a great platform to look into for your social media marketing strategy!  If you need more help with your platform, send us a message today.  We’ll be happy to help you on the road to success.

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