The Crazy Secret to Business Success

Jackie L.

Small businesses will have a lot of tasks done by a very small group of people.  Maybe that group is just you.  It’s hard to do all these things alone, plus run a small business successfully.  If you have a small budget, getting help may feel like a distant dream.  But there is one way to give yourself some breathing room without having to hire several people.

The secret is to automate your business as much as possible.  Automation can boost productivity by almost 15%!  A lot of menial tasks can be automated, so your time, energy, and money is freed up for more important aspects of your business.

Automate Your Email Marketing

If automate has a synonym, it’s email marketing.  If you are creating campaigns one at a time right at the last minute, you need to look into automating them.  Sitting down at the end of the month to plan and schedule the next month’s worth of emails will be super helpful.  Also, if you have freebies that people will love to get their hands on, automate these, too.  You won’t even need to think about it!

Schedule Your Social Media

We can’t automate the creation of social media content, but we can schedule it!  There are loads of social media schedulers available for automation.  Investing in one that will work best with you will help take you away from social media, and more into your business.  Take a day to plan all the content for a month and schedule it!  It’s one and done.  Just double check that posts are going out and take some time to respond to customers and followers.

Automate Your Marketing

Even marketing can be automated.  You probably have a large following on your emailing list.  Automate upsell emails and more with your CRM!  This is the same as your freebies being automated.  Not much will change with the email content, so you can set it to go out when a trigger is set by the customer.  Your emails go out without you having to do anything.

Automate the Live Chat

Live chat can be automated, too.  Even with free messaging features, like Facebook, will allow you to set automated messages for frequently asked questions or even “We’ll respond shortly” messages.  This way, you can avoid answering the same question over and over again, wasting tons of precious time.

Automating as much as you can in your business will help give you more freedom and time.  Your small business deserves to succeed!  And automation is the key.

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