The Biggest Web Design Trends for 2019

Jackie L.


Take a look back at the previous web design trends, from when the internet first came out to the modern times. You’ll notice that the old sites look unappealing by today’s standards.

Aside from the natural evolution of our tastes, though, what else changed?

The answer is technology – it has played a big part in shaping the trends today. Because of better screens, we can perceive colors and designs better. Artists can now bring their visions into these screen with the help of advanced software and hardware solutions.

With that in mind, 2019 is going to be an interesting mess of bold elements and organic shapes for website design. Let’s see what trends we’re going to see more of this year.

1. Mobile-First Web Design Trends

The majority of internet users use their mobile phones to access it. For this reason, mobile web design has evolved to accommodate this change.

The elements of a web page design, such as the menu, icons, and such, are now more suited to the small space. User experience has increased by a significant measure. This is also thanks to the familiarity of consistent mobile web design.

Animations are also getting better at adapting to mobile screens. Scroll-based animations are smoother, and timed animations leading your eyes to important info are also getting mobile-first treatments this 2019.

2. Inclusive Web Layouts

Accessibility is important in physical structures, so why not in website structures, too? 2019 is all about being inclusive, which isn’t only humane to do, but it also helps meet your business goals.

Inclusive web design would be able to accommodate people with different disabilities. That is whether it’s a customer with cerebral palsy or a person with only one hand. While old age isn’t a disability, universal design will also help them navigate a website with more ease.

3. Vibrant and Bold Color Schemes

Soft colors have been the trend for years, but 2019 may be the year where saturated colors will stand out more. Website designers are becoming more adventurous, and it translates to the screens well. This is thanks in part to the high-quality screens that can convey richer colors better.

This then makes for a website that stands out from the rest that stick with the “traditional” look. With the right choices of illustrations and typography, a vibrant color scheme can be not too overwhelming to the users, as well.

4. Monochromatic Color Schemes

Although we’ll see more of vibrant, colorful websites this year, monochromatic designs aren’t going anywhere soon. The absence of colors will also do a great job at making websites pop. It also has the added benefit of being able to direct the users’ eyes to where you want them to be.

Black and white are common choices for this type of design. On top of these neutral colors, websites are also using 1 or 2 shades of the color of their choice. This results in a simplistic yet captivating design to lure customers in.

5. Use of White Space

People have used white spaces in their creative projects in the past years. Today, however, it’s going to be the focal point of many websites.

This reverses its use. While in the past, we’ve used it to give our eyes somewhere to rest, we’ll be using it to make a part more noticeable today.

For example, by using it on the center of a web page, where you would often find cool illustrations and headers, it will draw more attention to the elements below it. In some cases, a visitor might only skim through these pictures. If you add a white space before it, however, they may deem it more important to ignore.

6. Big and Dominating Typography

Colors have become bolder, and the same is true for typography as well. You’ll likely see bigger typography that dominates the screens across many websites.

Aside from that, expect it to get more creative as devices get sharper resolutions. Websites don’t have to conform to the traditional web typefaces anymore. Custom fonts will rise, and the combination of creative fonts will help improve the UX.

7. Outlined Typography

If websites want to be different, though, we’ve seen them use outlined typography instead. It’s captivating in a way that it’s different, but it also gives off that traditional feeling. It makes for a memorable branding experience, which is why we’ll see its use shoot up in 2019.

8. Broken Grid and Asymmetry

The eyes love symmetry, the reason why we perceive symmetrical faces as beautiful. However, the 2019 trend

Take a look around the internet today. You’ll find that the coolest websites are adopting asymmetrical layouts.

This doesn’t take away from the beauty of the site; rather, it enhances the aesthetics and the UX. It makes a statement, drawing itself away from the crowd.

This is also why broken grid layouts are becoming popular. Websites are more experimental with their designs. They use unconventional website layouts to leave a distinct mark on their visitors.

9. Custom Illustrations

Illustrations add a lot of personality to a website, enhancing how a visitor may see the brand. A brand that customers usually see as serious and bland to be can use illustrations to make themselves more fun and approachable to their market.

Of course, custom illustrations are the ones going to do the trick. They’ll also have to inject their personality and goals into the artwork. The artist should tailor them to the brand’s tone and needs.

10. Fluid and Organic Layouts

Straight lines are out this 2019 with people preferring fluid layouts over rigid shapes and lines. These come with organic shapes you would see in nature and everyday life, such as lakes, ponds, and torn pieces of paper.

These shapes can make a website look softer and more approachable. In essence, they’ll replace the usual rectangles and circles that have been commonplace in websites.

Get Help in Designing Your Website

Knowing the latest web design trends is one thing, but implementing them is another.

But don’t fret; we’re here to help you! If you need guidance with designing your website with the latest trends and your personality in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us now.

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