The Best 4 Types of Keywords for SEO in 2023

Jackie L.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has come a long way in the past few years. In a survey conducted, 50% of marketers acknowledge that SEO is one of the most effective strategies in digital marketing.With the changing algorithms of search engines, keyword research and optimization have become even more important. In 2023, there are four types of keywords that are crucial for SEO success: short and generic keywords, brand keywords, long-tail keywords, and buyer keywords.

Short and generic keywords

Short and generic keywords are typically one or two words that are broad in nature. They are often used by customers who are in the early stages of the buying process. Examples of short, generic keywords include "shoes," "marketing," or "fitness". While these keywords have high search volume, they are also highly competitive, making it difficult for a website to rank for them. However, they are important to include in the following keyword types.

Brand keywords

Brand keywords are keywords that include a specific brand name or product name. These keywords are used by customers who are looking for information about a particular brand or product. Examples of brand keywords include "Nike shoes," "content marketing," or "pilates fitness". Brand keywords are often easier to rank for because they are less competitive than short, generic keywords. Additionally, targeting brand keywords can help to improve brand awareness and loyalty.

Long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are longer phrases that are more specific in nature. They are often used by customers who are further along in the buying process. They are looking for specific information about a product or service. Examples of long-tail keywords are "best running shoes for women with flat feet," "digital marketing strategies for small businesses," or "yoga retreats in Bali." Long-tail keywords have lower search volume than short, generic keywords. However, this makes it easier for a website have a high ranking. Additionally, targeted long-tail keywords can result in higher conversion rates.

Buyer keywords

Buyer keywords are keywords that indicate a customer's intent to make a purchase. Examples of buyer keywords are "buy running shoes online," "affordable yoga retreats in Bali," or "best marketing tools for small businesses". These keywords are often used by customers who are looking for the best product or service to meet their needs. Targeted buyer keywords can result in higher conversion rates and can help to drive sales for your online business.

Whether it's your business website or social media, keyword research and optimization are still critical components of SEO in 2023. When you understand the different types of keywords and how they are used by your target audience, your business can improve its chances of ranking higher in search engine results pages.

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