Storytelling: Utilizing it as a Marketing Tool

Jackie L.


Ever since we were young, we listened to stories.  No matter what the genre, stories struck chords and inspired us.  Storytelling is a great tool to use in your social media marketing strategy.  Not only can you entertain your target audience, but you can show them who you are.  There are many ways you can utilize storytelling for your business.  If you are looking for a new way to market your product or services, check our tips below.

The Basics of Storytelling 

Stories will affect your target audience in different ways.  This is why it is so important to understand your potential customers, and how storytelling will  affects them.

While listening to stories, the listener can make themselves the lead character.  They connect emotionally and mentally to what is being told to them.  These stories synchronize the brains of both the listener and teller.

All of this makes information more easily digested and remembered by the listener, which makes it an amazing tool for marketing.

How Can I Tell My Story?

There are many ways to tell stories through various media.

Written Content

Written content is the one most used by content creators.  You can tell stories  in a blog, a recipe, or a tutorial.  Keep written content simple and well organized.  It's incredibly important to have your content easily scannable,  because most people don't invest time in reading everything.  If your content is a bit wordy, there are ways to shorten it.  Try utilizing bullet lists, bold headers for different topics, and short paragraphs.

Visual Content

Some of your target audience is going to digest visual storytelling more easily than other content creations.  Complex ideas and information are easily communicated through a visual story.  Humans are 50% wired to process information visually, according to Neomam Studios.  You can create a visual story with infographics or striking images.

Video Content

Video is quickly growing into the preferred media to get information.  This kind of media is a great way for your customers to connect your business to a face.  You can show your consumers how to use your product, introduce your employees, or even interview hard hitters in your industry.  To create share worthy video stories, make sure you have proper lighting, a professional camera, and crisp sound.

How to Go About Creating the Perfect Story

Make sure you have high quality content and useful information that your target audience is craving.  Double check it is relevant to the problems your target audience is looking to find a solution to.

Personalization is a huge key factor in storytelling.  Customers want to feel like what they are watching or reading is tailored especially for them.  Once you have it all done, be sure to get analytics data.  See what is, and isn't, working with your storytelling content.  There will always be something to adapt or change to get the perfect story for your audience.

We hope you find some inspiration to sit down and tell your audience an amazing story.  Keeping it simple, easy to digest, and connecting emotionally is the recipe for success with storytelling.

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