Stop! Don't Send That Email Newsletter!

Jackie L.


Does this happen to you with your email newsletter?  You write a fantastic email.  It has all the right stuff.  You know your subscribers are going to be stoked to read this upcoming email.  You schedule it to go out.  However, a few days later, you get an email from a few subscribers saying the link is not working or information is missing.  Around 3% of people will unsubscribe from an email list because of mistakes.

Now, you start beating yourself up for not making sure you double check this stuff.  Don’t let this be you every time you write an email newsletter!  Let’s look at some email newsletter points you need to check before it goes out.

Check Those Links

Many emails have links that take customers to the action you want them to partake in.  However, when that link is broken, you have just lost all those leads.  Before you schedule this email to go out, send a test email to yourself.  Click on all the links to make sure nothing is broken, missing, or dead end.  If you do find links not working or missing, go back and edit edit edit!  Don’t lose leads because you were too lazy to check the links.

Spelling & Grammar

There is nothing more repelling than an email newsletter that is full of mistakes.  You are a business that wants to be trusted and seen as an authority in your industry.  Spelling and grammar mistakes 100% don’t convey a business that has its stuff together.  Anyone reading an email full of mistakes loses trust in the company, which will lead them to not wanting to purchase anything from you.

Check Fonts & Colors

We know you love that swirly font or funky color, but is it really legible? Sans Serif is a boring font, but it’s easy to read.  If your email is full of colors and fonts that make it hard to understand what is being written about, say goodbye to those subscribers and customers.  Send yourself a test email and really see if everything is easy to read, the right font, and the right size.

Don’t Focus on HTML Only

Most email clients give the option to view an email in plain text or HTML.  Not everyone is going to view your email in HTML.  That’s why you should make sure that your email newsletter looks enticing and easy to read without all the fancy images.  If you notice it doesn’t look great as plain text, go back in and fix things up.  Keep text scannable and Call to Actions easily noticeable.

Now that you know to double and triple check your email newsletters, it’s time to send them out!  We recommend you make sure everything works, looks easy to read, and can be seen in any format.  The more you proofread and test, the better lead generation you will have!

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