Tell Your Story: Marketing with Social Media Stories

Jackie L.


If you have social media for your business, you've probably noticed the stories function.  Stories are fast becoming the most innovative way to create brand awareness, and get your customers and followers engaged.  These stories can use images or videos in a slideshow like format, which also allows you to decorate and attach unique hashtags to them.  

Stories began with Snapchat and were soon picked up by the rest of the social media world.  If you are interested in using stories on your social media platform but aren't sure which platform to focus on, read on to see the best place to use Stories today!

Instagram Stories

Instagram is popular with the 14 to 49 year old age group, and around 400 million users are actively participating in Instagram Stories daily.  If you are looking to create an easy way to purchase your product, wanting customer feedback, or need to drive traffic to your website, Instagram stories are a good fit for your company.  

Get creative by using images, videos, text, and effects to really draw in your audience.  This is a great platform to show off your product in action. Show your followers all the great ways they can use your product in real life situations.  One last thing to think about is to script only a small part of your story, and have fun with the rest. Followers and customers love authenticity.

Facebook Stories

Facebook was one of social media platforms to first jump in the Stories bandwagon after Snapchat.  Emarketer shows us that around 300 million users in all age groups are engaging and creating Facebook Stories.  Facebook stories are great for creating brand awareness, live events, or making user generated content.

Stories only last for a short period of time, so this is a great moment to take advantage of limited time offers.  People also love being "live" during a giveaway or contest, so take advantage of Facebook Stories for these great marketing tactics.  Be sure to use get creative by using brand-relevant themes and stickers on your Story.

Snapchat Stories

Snapchat was the pioneer in the Stories function that most social media platforms use today.  If your target audience and followers are below the age of 20 years old, then this is a great platform for your company.  Snapchat Stories are great for creating brand awareness, and getting customer feedback.

Spontaneous behind the scenes stories work best with the Snapchat crowd.  This allows you to build a trusting and lasting relationship with your customers.  The more behinds they see, the more they are willing to do business with you. Take yourself or get your employees to go out and take a SnapChat story during their lunch.  This also allows viewers to feel like they are part of the team and get to know you and your employees better. Use brand appropriate stickers and filters to really bring it all together, and leave you with a great marketing tool!

As you can see, Stories are a fun and ever growing new way to market to your target audience and followers.  Get creative and share your company's story today! If you find you still have some questions about creating the right story for your business, contact us today!

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