Social Media for the Beginner

Jackie L.


Ecommerce is where it’s at right now.  Almost 60% of consumers will research a product through social media before purchasing. If you are a brick-and-mortar store and you are not on social media yet, you are greatly missing out!  Social media can be a bit scary to a beginner.  Not only are there hundreds of platforms to be on, but working with social media can be a grandiose task.  It takes a lot of time and energy to keep your platforms up to date with unique content and engaging with followers.

However, don’t be scared!  Working with social media doesn’t have to be scary.  Here are some tips to help anyone starting out with social media, or those looking to rework their approach.

Be Yourself

As with everything in life, just be yourself.  You don’t have to create a fake persona to get your product or service sold.  Potential customers, and loyal ones, love genuine companies with honest people working at them.  Create content you would love to see.  Think about the solutions your audience is looking for.  Carefully written content is more engaging than doing what you think people expect of you.

Don’t Push the Sale

Your followers don’t want to be sold to.  Of course, we want them to buy our products or services, but it’s not the main content they want to read about.  Instead, your content should make you and your company shine.  Show behind the scenes at your business, give sneak peaks at new products, talk about (and show) how to use your product, or highlight satisfied customer reviews and comments.  

Schedule Your Engagement Time

Creating content for social media is one thing.  Engaging your followers is another.  Don’t publish content without engaging your readers.  If you don’t, you are losing valuable profits.  Start the conversation with a question.  If someone answers, be sure to comment back.  The more you engage, the closer they will feel to you and your company.   Around 80% of companies say their key strategy is more engagement.  So, are you in that 80%?

Social Media is Alive with Sound

Adding sound to your videos is a great way to add something interesting, content wise to social media.  You don’t need expensive equipment to make a great video.  Most smartphones have high resolution lenses, and lighting equipment can be homemade or bought for cheap.  If your microphone is less than decent, you can also find affordable options online.

Social media is easy once you have a plan in place.  Taking the time to lay the groundwork will allow you to create amazing content, get it scheduled, and encourage your followers to purchase from you.

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