Social Media for B2B Companies

Jackie L.


One type of company that you can start-up is a business-to-business company, or B2B.  B2B business has a product or service that can help other businesses become successful.  Instead of reaching to regular run of the mill consumers, you are aiming at businesses as a consumer.  Social media is a great way for B2B businesses to market and promote their products and services.  B2B can reach more people with social media, whether it's clients or networking within their industry.

Are you a B2B company looking to make your social media shine?  Check out these great ways to do so below!

Bring Awareness to Your Brand

Social media is a great way to promote a product or service.  It's especially good when you have something utterly unique and niche-specific.  Your content can be driven by content explaining and showing off your product or service.  When customers see how the product can make their business better, they will be more willing to purchase it.  Start using the Stories video feature on Facebook or Instagram to highlight it!

Sterling Customer Support

Excellent customer support applies to B2B companies, too.  Around 70% of a  customer's journey to purchasing a product is dictated by customer service.  As you can see, customer support should always be beyond what any customer expects.  Social media is a great place for you to conduct customer support, alongside email and live chat services.  Even if you customer is unhappy with the product, sterling customer support can create a happy one in the end.

Display Corporate Responsibility

Social media is also a great avenue for B2B companies to show how they benefit their local community.  Show what you do with pictures, videos, and blog articles.  Your employees should be proud to work at your company.  If you're not doing so now, look for ways to start getting involved.  Try improving your policies on labor, become more environmentally friendly, or work towards reducing your carbon footprint.  If you are a small business, donate to local charities, volunteer, or set up blood donation drives.

Connect with Other People in Your Industry

Networking is a vital way to grow your own success, and become an industry leader.  Connecting with others in your industry helps build a community.  You can find advocates and helpful advice that can get you through the challenges of running a business.  If you have some expertise on a particular topic, present it where appropriate in the conversations you see online.  Not only will you have mentors, but you will eventually become a mentor yourself.

As you can see, B2B companies can greatly benefit from utilizing social media for promoting their products and services to creating lasting relationships with others in their industry.  Get creative with your content, stand out with excellent customer service, and show how your company cares for future generations.

Are you wondering which social media platforms would work best for you?  Needing some help optimizing current social media accounts?  Send us a message today!  Our expert staff is here to help you.

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