Social Media Audits: The Whys & Hows

Jackie L.


Almost 55% of customers are using social media when looking to make a purchase.  If you think social media is a one and done type of deal, you are wrong!  It takes a lot of time to come up with a social media strategy and create the content for your followers to enjoy.  As with every social media platform, the algorithms change and we may find that follower counts go down, engagement decreases and we aren’t getting the sales we used to have.

That’s why you need a social media audit!  If you’re not sure what you should be doing for an audit, here are 4 things you can look at to see if they work or not.

Cohesiveness Through all Platforms

Gather all your platforms and double check that all cover photos, icons, colors, fonts, and more are the same across the board.  By having every platform be the same, it will help establish brand awareness, which is people recognizing your brand based on elements and also builds trust in the business.  If everything is a hodge podge, it’s best to clean this up now.

Look at Analytics

If you don’t look at the data, you won’t know what needs to be fixed!  That’s why social media platforms will have those handy dandy analytics for you to better your reach and engagement.  Use those to find out what posts were hit out of the ball park and which ones fell flat before they even started running.  That way, you stop wasting time and start creating content that works.

Audit Your Buyer Personas

The buyer personas you created at the beginning of your business will most likely change as the years go by.  That’s why what may have worked before, may not work now.  Especially when the circumstances are always changing.  Revisit those personas and change them if need be.

Get Rid of Social Media that Doesn’t Work

Do you need to be on all the social media platforms?  Of course not!  If there is a platform that is not working as well as some others, it’s time to give it the boot.  This also saves you time in having to maintain another account, resizing content to fit the parameters, and writing copy specific to that platform.

Doing a social media audit doesn’t have to be scary.  While it takes time, it will give you incredible insight into how to best utilize social media for your business!

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