SEO: What Not To Do!

Jackie L.


Did you know that almost 70% of online purchases start with a Google search?  That’s why it’s so important that our websites rank high on search engines.  If you find your rank less than desirable, the most likely culprit may be your SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.  Having a website that has proper SEO determines whether or not it is going to show up in searches.  If it’s not, and it’s not fixed, you’re losing out on a lot of business possibilities and profits.

Take a look at some of the mistakes you may be making that could be causing a low Google search ranking.  

Don’t Ignore Your Google Business Page

An unclaimed Google Business page can mean huge losses in profits.  Don’t ignore using this free feature!  When potential customers search for business near them, yours is going to turn up in the top results.  Don’t just create a Google business page, but consistently update it with  current products, services, images, and videos so people know you are currently active in business.

Page Titles & Meta Descriptions

If you aren’t creating page titles in your website, do so now for SEO!  Create titles that contain keywords for your business, so they show up easily in searches.  Meta Descriptions are a short explanation for a website.  If you haven’t written one yet, do this also!  Not only do these give potential customers information before entering your website, but it helps rank your site higher in Google searches.

Keep Words Out of Images

While putting worlds inside an image for social media is the way to get your message across, it does not translate the same for websites.  Keep as much text outside the image as possible.  Search engines cannot detect text inside an image, which will keep your website from properly ranking.

Carefully Create Your Content

We’ve heard of algorithms and how they determine how high your website ranks.  We want to curate content that contains our chosen keywords and phrases so search engines find us.  However, if you are creating content specifically FOR algorithms, Google will notice that and your site will rank lower.  Search Engines are looking for unique and properly created content that gives value to the audience.  So, leave the formulas in the trash and write amazing content that speaks to your target audience.

It’s Trendy to Stay on Trend

SEO is always changing, especially with a search engine like Google.  If you are not keeping up-to-date with what the current trend is, your website is losing out.  Subscribe to a blog that covers the SEO trends and get your website updated, so you don’t lose your ranking.

SEO can be time consuming, but it’s even more time consuming when you have to correct a plethora of mistakes.  Make sure you are doing things right by conducting website audits, keeping up on trends, and making changes as you need.  Because a website that’s optimized is one that ranks high, and sees consistent profits!

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