Busting SEO Myths

Jackie L.


Working on SEO for your business website is a must when running a successful company.  This part of the process can take the most time, because you want to find the right optimization balance.  SEO can greatly affect your rankings on search engines, like Google.  Starting out on your Search Engine Optimization path can see very daunting.  You might be searching anything and everything in regards to making sure you do it right.  However, there are some myths about SEO you should be aware of.

To be sure you don’t fall for the SEO myths, check out some to avoid below.

The #1 Ranking Guarantee

A lot of writers out there are going to claim that their secret is the path to #1 ranking success on search engines.  Don’t fall for this trick.  There is no guarantee or simple, easy path to search engine ranking success.  SEO takes a lot of time, making some mistakes along the way is part of that.  High rankings, or even the coveted #1 ranking, is achievable.  However, it takes hard work and dedication to deserve it.

Replacing Links that are Negative

Google’s Randon Docs Algorithm looks for those who delve in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) manipulation.  Using certain links may alert the Algorithm into giving your website a negative rating, even if you were not trying to manipulate anything.  Instead of replacing those links responsible for the negative movement, leave them be.  Replacing them could put you in the hole farther.  The negative rating will most likely be resolved within 30 days, thus putting you back in good standing.

Longer Content Gets You Higher Rankings

It may seem that the longer the content, the better.  However, this is not only the case.  If you find your adding filler or fluff information just to improve your ranking, think before doing so.  Long content does not always equal high rankings.  If your topic needs a lot of detailed information, great!  However, shorter content also does well.  Content with a lot of filler information can easily be revamped with images, infographics, or bullet lists.

Stay Away from Highly Competitive Niches

Who says you should stay away from highly competitive niche markets?  A highly competitive niche market is a great place to create content for, and base your business.  There’s a good reason it’s so competitive.  But, you might just have that special something to bring to the table that sets you apart from the rest.  These types of niche markets are a great place to really challenge yourself, and grow as a business.  No matter how competitive a market is, SEO matters most.

Are you feeling better about taking the SEO plunge for your website business?  Keep these myths in mind when research the best Search Engine Optimization strategy for your business.  If you find you are needing a little help with getting on the right track, send us a message today!

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