Refresh Your Website for the New Year

Jackie L.


Maintaining a website can be tough and expensive, especially if you have to rely on a web developer to keep your website in tip-top shape.  Most businesses find that they just cannot keep up with maintaining a website so it is constantly updated with the latest trends.  If you are a small business owner, it can take a lot of time and effort on your part.  However, keeping your website up-to-date is easier than your 123s and ABCs with these simple tips we have.  So start your new year fresh with a website that’s improved for a better customer experience.

Get Your Content Managed

Making sure you have timely and interesting content that engages your audience is the key to getting the traffic you need to your website.  If your website is lacking in content, best to start getting some up there immediately.  If just thinking about managing and scheduling content makes you feel overwhelmed, try taking a look at some websites with Content Management Systems.  Websites with a CMS help you upload and schedule your content very easily to your website, so you are spending less time everyday having to do it manually.  Remember, this isn’t the same as a website builder.  Modern, customer friendly websites have content.  So if you don’t have any easy way to get content on your current website, look for another place that can do it.

Hostinger has the top 8 websites with CMS for 2018.  Take a look and see what is available for you to utilize.

Get Rid of Flash

Once upon a time, Flash was king of the internet.  Nowadays, Flash only causes problems for internet users.  The number one issue is the loading time of the website.  Customers want information now and Flash just doesn’t have the oomph anymore to deliver.  Flash is also a major problem for mobile users, who make up about 49% of internet traffic.  Not only does Flash have limited capabilities on mobile phones, but it doesn’t work on iPhone or iPads.

Your Website Doesn’t Integrate Social Media

While the majority of your content will most likely be posted on a social media platform, if your content is not somehow connected to your website, visitors will have no idea where to find you on social media.  One easy way to integrate social media on your website is by linking to your accounts in the header or footer.  If you have Twitter, you can integrate your feed onto your website.  Make sure your blog has a sharing option, so customers and visitors can easily share your content to their social media platforms.  Your website should be the home base of your social media.  If not, it’s time to go back and make some important changes.

Your Call-to-Action is MIA

The one thing you should always have on any content, and even your website, is a Call-to-Action.  This is the driving force for traffic and profits.  A Call-to-Action encourages customers to give you their information in exchange for an offer.  This could be a coupon, free shipping, signing up for a newsletter or receiving a freebie.  If you find your website lacks a Call-to-Action, it’s time to get one up there now.  Check out our article on Call-to-Actions that work.

We hoped you enjoyed these tips, and find them helpful in getting your website a new look, and bringing you more profits, in the new year!  Need more help with refreshing your website?  Contact our expert staff today!

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