Questions You Need to Ask When Creating a Brand Strategy

Jackie L.


You've just got your start-up ready to launch and aiming for new heights.  But, wait.  What happens after your business goes live?  Every new business owner and entrepreneur needs to have a brand strategy.  AYTM defines a brand strategy as a long-term plan for the progressive success of a brand to achieve specific goals.  Everything is connected in your brand strategy and how well you plan it out will determine how quickly you'll become profitable.

Not sure where to start off with a brand strategy?  We will go over a few questions to ask yourself so you're able to see where your brand is going.

Question 1:  Who are Your Main Competitors?

This is the most important step when creating any kind of business strategy.  You need to know who your competitors are and what they are all about.  Getting to know them will help you come out on top.  Don't just Google your competitors.  There are dozens of ways to research them to really get to know what they are about, and to even anticipate their next move.  Check out their social media platforms or use programs like Google Trends and Alerts to keep tabs on them.

Question 2:  What is Your Promise to the Customer?

Another important question to ask yourself is how does your product or service help the customer.  When you began creating your business, you probably had an idea about the general problem most customers had.  And, your product is the answer to those issues.  Go back and make sure your target audience and customers can easily understand the value and importance your product or service will be to them.  Not only that, but is your promise to your customers believable?  If you place yourself in their shoes and find your promise a bit lacking, then it's time to rework this area of the brand strategy.

Question 3:  How Long Term Are You Planning?

If you think long-term planning is the following year, then it's time to revisit that plan.  It can take quite some time for your brand to become a household name.  When planning a brand strategy, consider looking as far ahead as 3 or 5 years down the road.  Think about what you want to accomplish each step of the way.  Revisit the plan every so often as things can change as you build your brand.

Question 4:  Do You Have a Creative and Unique Brand Image?

It's vital that you research your target audience to know exactly what styles, colors, and phrasing work to draw them in.  You want to have a unique and easily recognizable brand logo, font, images, and general tone for your brand.  Everything must be interconnected to grow your audience faster.

Question 5:  What's YOUR Personality?

You are the brains behind your amazing product.  Your personality needs to shine through.  The more your customers see and hear you, the more they can connect and soon become loyal, repeat customers.  Let this shine in your social media, blogs, and website.  And as always, be yourself.

We hope that these questions will lead you down the road as your create you brand strategy.  If you find yourself needing more assistance in making your brand strategy rock, contact us today!  Our friendly and help staff is waiting to hear from you.

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