Our Guide to Business Website Design

Jackie L.


Website design is one of the more important factors to consider when developing your business website. Having a well-running website is one thing, but ensuring a great design is another matter entirely. This one factor can be the key to increasing your website rank to the top, which is why hiring a good web development service is a must.

More than mere aesthetics, your website design is a major determinant of how your website can be used. This has a big connection to user experience (UX), so spending some extra effort when creating the design can help improve your business’ online presence.

To help you, here are five web design tips to keep in mind when having your business website developed.

Manage the number of factors and content going in

One of the biggest and most basic mistakes when starting on your website design is having something that’s too busy. Numerous videos, flooding your content with too many words, and showering it in various colors can be disorienting—making your website’s UX an incredibly poor one. However, having too little can be confusing for your visitors, especially if they can’t seem to find what they’re looking for.

When having your web design planned, focus on simplicity—stick to the basics and ensure all necessary information is there. Add your additional factors and information sparingly and utilize the opinions of your professional web designer well.

Prioritize loading speeds

Your average loading speed and response time is another major determinant in giving a good UX. Having too many large files, videos, and images within your web design can be catastrophic.  This would definitely result in slow load times. Many users tend to “bounce” when faced with a slow website—so make sure it runs as fast as possible.

Make it mobile-optimized

A majority of the people today connect to the internet through a mobile platform—which is why ensuring that your website is mobile-optimized is a basic requirement. Poor optimization can turn-off your customers and push them to exit your website, leaving you with a limited audience to cater your business to.

Use appropriate CTAs

Providing ample and appropriate Calls-to-Action (CTAs) will help in pushing your website’s lead conversion rate up. Many websites tend to forget this, which is why their conversion rate tends to plateau.

Keep your CTAs short and straight to the point and place them accordingly within your website. Be wary not to overuse them, as it could appear you are forcing them to take action.

Focus on good navigability

Your web design will directly impact how effective your website’s navigation is. Websites with poor navigation are incredibly off-putting for your visitors.  If they can’t find the one thing they’re looking for within your website, they are gone. Beyond the use of a search function, try to segregate your content into tabs and pages—this way, they have a general feel of how your website works.


The best websites utilize a well-thought out web design—which is why you should keep it in mind during the development of your website. By providing the best possible UX, you give a way for your website to properly capture your audience.

To achieve the best of results, we can provide you with the best option. Get in touch with our web design company in Texas today and let us handle all your web design and development needs.

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