Optimize Your Instagram Business Account for 2022

Jackie L.


Most businesses should be on at least one social media platform.  Over 200 million Instagram users visit a business profile every day.  Being on social media increases your presence online, allows others to know more about your company, and can generate leads for further sales.  If your business is on Instagram, which most are, you want to make sure your account is optimized so people are chomping on the bit to follow you!

Let’s take a look at some areas you can optimize Instagram.

Look at Your Bio

Your business Instagram bio is going to be the first thing people are looking at.  The bio should tell visitors who you help and how you help them.  Give visitors a reason to follow you.  Make sure to add a Call to Action, such as “Get your Free … Here!” or “Shop the Sale” or “Set up a Discovery Call” with an icon pointing to the link below.  Make it eye catching and irresistible for people to start following you.

Make it Easy to Find You

Your account handle shouldn’t be anything that people couldn’t use to find you easily.  Refrain from using phrases, random keywords, or unusual spellings.  Make sure it is the name of your business, point blank.  The more straightforward your account handle is, the easier your potential followers can find you.

If you are using your name as your account handle, use what type of business you have in the NAME section, which is below the account handle and profile image.  This way, people know what type of business, services, and products to expect from you.

Link It Up!

If you have one link where people can visit, make sure to put it in this area.  If you tend to have several links for potential customers to access, you might want to invest in LinkTree.  LinkTree is a popular app that optimizes your link profile so you can have one link lead to a menu of links.  But make sure you don’t have too many links in your linktree profile!  Too many can lead to confusion for visitors, causing them to leave without following.  Keep, at most, 4 links and update them to keep things relevant.

Optimize Those Highlights

Highlights are past stories that hold valuable information that you want people to have access to beyond 24 hours.  You will notice these below your bio.  If you don’t have any highlights but have been posting to stories, start adding like stories together to create highlights.  If you have a bunch of highlights, now’s the time to optimize these! Create eye-catching, on-brand highlight covers (we love using Canva) so your overall business Instagram profile has consistency and uniformity.  Go into highlights and edit anything that needs to be taken out or put in.

Jump into 2022 with a snazzy, unique, and eye-catching Instagram business bio that will have people following you instantly!  Have fun with it and make sure to create consistency throughout you social media platforms and business website.

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