One Week of Daily Website SEO Goals

Jackie L.


Have you done an SEO audit with your website recently?  Over 90% of shopping or exploring online is done with a search engine!  Now is a great time to make sure your website is optimized to its fullest.  A website with poor SEO is bound to fail.  Optimizing your website doesn’t have to be a huge task that takes many hours out of your day.  Check out these daily small SEO goals you can start any day of the week!


You will never know how you can do better than the competition if you don’t check out your competitors.  Find out what hashtags they use on Instagram and Twitter.  How unique and engaging is their content?  You can check how your website ranks against your competitors on Google.  You can see what keywords your competitors are utilizing by using SEO spider tools, like MOZ.   


Check your content.  Are there newer, more relevant hashtags or keywords you could be using?  Make sure all your content has a meta tag.  Internals links are a great way to optimize your content.  Go through and see what you can add in.  Double check any external links you have, as some may become broken, deleted, or irrelevant to your business.


Let’s check our website performance.  Making sure your desktop and mobile versions are performing well and are easy to use.  Time your website for its loading speed.  Around 40% of potential customers leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.  Optimize your images, take out unneeded information and pages, and make it as simple a design as possible.


Get yourself out there!  Ask a few of those you look up to if you can interview them, or let them know you wrote about them.  Find a few influencers in your industry for a little exposure.  Submit content to online magazines or newspapers, get engaged with your industry community, and post to relevant Facebook groups to gain more followers.


Take a look at your conversion rates.  Do you have a landing page that’s not working as well as it should?  Try to make the message clearer.  Get rid of irrelevant information. Make sure that your Call-to-Action is enticing and hard to resist.  How is the shopping experience?  Make it easy to follow and a snap to check out.  Keep up on the analytics of your website to see where you can improve conversion.


Set up alerts in the event that someone uses your brand name on the internet.  That way, you can keep track of its reputation, and even put out any negative review fires.  Check out new social media platforms or optimize the ones you already have.  Make sure content is a fit for the platform you use.  


Take a break!

As you can see, there are small ways to check your website SEO each day of the week.  Making smaller SEO goals makes it easier to reach the main end goal.  That way, you avoid burnout, plus have an online business you love and that does well.

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