Mobile-Friendly Website: 3 Mistakes to Avoid

Jackie L.


Your website serves as the virtual storefront of your business online, as well showcase all your efforts in branding and marketing. There’s a reason why potential customers visit your website.  They want to learn more about your company and services!  With this in mind, your virtual storefront must provide answers to all their queries, especially when it comes to your products or services.

Most of these potential customers are visiting your ecommerce store on mobile phones. The rise of mobile design as a vital part of web design is now  It will most likely grow stronger in the future. Google has shifted the algorithm, and the rankings now rely heavily on whether your website is mobile-friendly. It only makes sense that you optimize your website and make it as responsive as possible

Here are the three most common mobile web design mistakes that you must avoid if you wish to succeed in the long run: 

Mistake #1: An Unresponsive Mobile-Friendly Website

We hate to say this is one of the most commonly overlooked mistakes most businesses make. In a world of progress, accessibility, and smartphones, people rely on their devices now more than ever. On average, people are checking their phones almost 96 times a day!  If you wish to establish a solid online presence, it’s important to shift your attention to making your website mobile-friendly. 

There are 4.33 billion active internet users around the world, and 3.99 billion of them rely on their handheld devices to gain access to the internet. With these statistics in mind, it’s important to create a website that is fast and easy to use. 

Mistake #2: An Unclear Business Objective

Your visitors will only provide you with a maximum of 8 seconds of their time, and in those 8 seconds, you need to persuade them to stay and look around. With such a limited amount of time, it is integral that you make your business statement clear and simple.

If your potential customer fails to understand what your business is about, they will leave your website faster than they arrived.  Create eye catching images with your brand colors, recognizable fonts, and show everything they need to know in one image, video, or infographic.

 Mistake #3: Relying Too Much on Video and Multimedia 

While it’s not a sin to include infographics and videos to maximize your website’s potential, including too much can ruin your website’s speed. Images and videos definitely speak louder than words, but the idea of using only high-quality images just increases your page loading time.

Keep in mind the high-quality images consume more bandwidth, which causes pages to load slowly. Having a slow website will result in losing your audience, your search engine ranking, and potential sales. 

Final Thoughts

Having a web designer or developer is good to have around, but don’t let them handle everything. You need to be involved in the decision-making process, too, especially since you know your brand better than anyone else. Designing for a mobile device can be tricky, so make sure you communicate well with your team to avoid the mistakes above.

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