Making Your Content Go Viral

Jackie L.

When we create quality content, we hope that it will go viral but, you may notice that your posts are not getting the attention that was expected. No matter how much quality content we create, if it is not being shared, liked, or commented on, it won’t reach the audience that needs to see it. This is the time to look at your Content Marketing strategy and making sure it is meeting all your expectations.

Have a look at the tips below to refine your quality posts and level up your Content Marketing skills so that what you create goes absolutely viral.


A well crafted headline is something that can determine whether a customer clicks through or scrolls right on past. Take time to create a meaningful headline that grabs people’s attention. Keep it simple, to the point, and clear. Avoid industry jargon. Some examples to try out are to create a sense of urgency, use the 5 W’s for questions, or make it unique.


Subheads are a condensed version of your content and, sometimes this is the only thing people will read. These will also help you create the body of the content without straying too far off course. While it would be great if all people went on to read the body of your content, fill this simple, condensed version with lots of great information for those that only read this portion.

Main Body

This is where you can really let people know about your business, its mission, and the purpose of the content. Keep paragraphs short and create a general flow throughout the article. This will make your content easy to read. Use stories, experiences, or other information that your customer base can relate to easily. This is a great place to show how much of an expert you are in your industry field!

The Summary

This is the place where you briefly revisit the beginning of your content. Show the reader what they have learned from the article, or how the information will greatly benefit them. If you asked a question in your headline, this is where the answer lies but also include another question. This is a great way to get them to come back or become engaged in the community you created with other customers. Let them know there is more information to come, and you will have a repeat customer.

Call to Action

After you give all that amazing information you to your readers, now it’s time for a Call to Action. This can be anything that requires the reader to continue on to another aspect or task. It could be signing up for your email newsletter, visiting your business page, or asking them to leave a comment. Be sure that your Call to Action isn’t forcing them to purchase something. A great alternative to this is a freebie, which could encourage them to make a purchase later.

Now that you have the tips to make your amazing quality content go viral faster, you are on your way to running a successful Content Marketing strategy. For any additional questions or comments, get in contact with our expert staff. We are here to be at your side every step of the way.

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