Make Your PPC Campaign Absolutely Clickable!

Jackie L.


All online businesses will try out PPC campaigns.  These are ads that are designed to get potential customers to click on your ad and go through the purchase journey.  Sometimes, our ads can fall flat on their face, or worse, drive people away instantly from your business.  Some 90% of PPC campaigns won’t be seen by their audience!

Don’t be afraid to use PPC campaigns. The benefits of using them can increase traffic to your website, help increase sales, are pay as you go, and help you with analytics that can better your business across the board!

Let’s look at some ways to effectively create your next PPC campaign.

What is Your Goal?

To have a successful PPC campaign, you need to know your goal.  Is it to get more traffic to your website?  Is it to increase sales?  Or gather more email subscribers?  Once you define this goal, you will have a better idea of what the campaign should look and sound like to your audience.

Create the Landing Page

A landing page is a single page website meant to host a single idea or product.  You want to create a simple and straight to the point landing page with only the information your potential customers are looking for.  Be sure to include a clear and obvious Call-to-Action that you want them to take.  If any of this is muddled, your landing page will fail to capture any leads.

A/B Test Your Landing Page

A/B testing your PPC campaign means having one element that is different on two landing pages.  This will help you determine which campaign worked the best and you can use this data moving forward with future ones. Knowing what works and what doesn’t saves you time, money, and much needed energy.

Decide Your Budget

All PPC Campaigns run on a budget you set.  Once you set that budget, you pay as you get clicks.  Depending on how high or low you set the budget will determine how well your campaign is going to work.  After researching your keywords, pick the highest performing ones and set the budget as high as you can.  This will help your ad get out in front of more eyes.  You can also A/B test this area to see which set of keywords worked best!

Running a successful PPC Campaign is easy once you know your audience, identify their needs, research your keywords, and test it, you will find an easy road to success!

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