Make Blogging a Passion Again

Jackie L.


Tis the season for new years resolutions!  We find that maintaining a blog is one of the hardest tasks to keep up on.  Making sure you have constant unique content is a must for every blogger.

If you are looking to start a new blog or revive an existing one, we have a one year plan to give it new life, and help you find the magic spark again!


The first thing is to always start with who your target audience is.  This will help you gauge the type of topics they are interested in reading about.  Once you have your audience parameters, try picking out 5-10 topics to write about that appeal to them. Last, write at least one blog post this month.  Starting small is the key to success!


You have accomplished your goal of 1 article for your blog!  Now, it’s time to write 2 for this month.  Remember that list you started with 5-10 topics to write about?  Let’s keep adding to that list.  By making this list now, you are setting yourself up for the whole year in advance.


Let’s try to hash out 3 articles for your blog this month.  Is it starting to feel a bit easier now?  Again, add another 5-10 topics to your article bank.  We are beginning to build a new habit for you!


This month, you are writing 4 amazing articles for your now outstanding blog.  Don’t forget to add topics to your article bank.


You may be thinking that you’ll write 5 blog articles this month, but let’s keep it at 4.  Take this month to find out how you can become more efficient in writing.  Record the time it takes to write a blog.  Can you make it faster without losing quality?  And, don’t forget to add to your blog topics bank.


Wow!  We are halfway through the year to make blogging a passion again!  Your goal for content this month is 6-8 articles.  However, you are not writing all of them. You will be finding someone to help you write some of them.  If you have the budget, get a freelancer to write articles for your blog. Choose how many they will write to help you out.  If you need help from a trusted source, we may be able to help!  Start looking into a scheduler, like Buffer, so your articles are posted on a consistent schedule.


Once you have a trusted source to write some blog posts, it’s time to keep writing your own articles, also.  Start making a calendar to see what topics will be posted and when.  Know which ones you will write and which a freelancer will do for you.


Another step to helping your blog attract more viewers is taking a look into your SEO.  Make sure you are using the right keywords that your target audience is using to search for answers.  Check out tools like Moz or Yoast for help with SEO.


Let’s start adding a Call-to-Action to your blogs.  What would you like your readers to do?  Make an obvious and eye catching button they can click to take them to the next step.


By now, you have some great viewership with your blog.  Now it’s time to ask for a guest blog post.  This can be anyone in your industry that you think your readers would love to hear from.  This helps promote partnerships, and even attracts more readers to your blog.

Don’t forget to post your articles!


Along with your 8 blog articles, there are two things you can do.  If you found a guest writer for last month, find a new one for November.  If you didn’t find one last month, now’s a great time to do so.


You made it!  It’s already the end of the year.  Let’s take the time to look at what worked well, what flopped, and how to make it even better for next year.  Get your last 8 articles in, schedule them, and start adding to your topics bank again.

Need help with your blog at every and any stage?  We are here to help.  Send us a message today!

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