Loyal Customers: Your Secret to Easy Profits

Jackie L.


As a new or existing business owner, we love getting new customers. There’s nothing like seeing sales come in huge crashing waves.  Profits soar and we are sailing on Cloud 9.  However, what is harder than getting new customers is keeping them as loyal repeat customers.  If you think profits come from only new purchases from first time customers, think again!  Even if your loyal customer base is less than 20%, they will still spend almost 3 times more than a new customer ever will.

If you are looking to keep your current customers happy or turn those first timers into loyal shoppers, check out these easy ways to keep profits coming in from your existing base.

Listen to Customer Feedback

If you are not asking your customers for feedback on their purchases, you are missing extremely valuable data.  Their feedback is one of the most important keys to making the shopping experience better than before.  We can never improve in anything without feedback.  Sometimes there is something we can’t see ourselves that might be an issue for customers.  Don’t be afraid to ask them, and make improvements where needed.

Get a Loyalty Program

Repeat customers want to feel loved.  They also want to be rewarded for being loyal to you.  Create a customer loyalty program that fits your business.  It can be a point card, free shipping on all purchases, special sales for loyal customers, and so on.  Customers that know you are appreciative of their business will be more likely to continue shopping with you, and not your competitor.

Have Amazing Customer Service

Stellar customer service goes a long way in converting, and keeping, a loyal customer.  Even if the customer has a negative experience, you can give them the best customer service.  Those who have had a great experience in dealing with issues with a company, are more likely to stay with you long term.  Over 30% of customers will leave a business if they experience poor customer service.

Make it Easy for Customers

How easy is it to use your website?  Can they make a return without issue?  Where can they contact you for customer service?  These are important questions to ask.  If you don’t know the answers, then you better figure it out, stat!  Simple, easy, and clear instructions, navigation, and communication paths are essential for customers to want to always do business with you.  Take time to make sure the journey from visiting your website to receiving their order goes smooth and without issue.

As you can see, maintaining customers is the key to increased profits, and even saves you money in the long run!  Take time to revisit areas where you can improve the quality of service they receive, and let your loyal customers know you appreciate them!

Need help designing a simple and easy website for your customers?  Send us a message today!

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