Live Chat: An Invaluable Tool for Business

Jackie L.


If your business is online, you need to have a live chat feature.  It is a great tool to help you achieve excellent customer service.  Almost 80% of customers prefer to communicate through live chats, as they get instant responses to their questions and concerns.  With such a high percentage of consumers preferring this method of contacting a business, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have this available to your own customers.

Not convinced live chat is important for your business?  Check out these amazing benefits from having it on your website!

Increase Sales Instantly

Imagine a customer browsing your website.  They see a product or service that might be good for them, but there are some lingering questions.  With a live chat function, they can get their questions answered instantly.  No more waiting on the phone or for an email that takes 3-4 business days to be answered.  Live chat allows your customers to get answers and make a purchase much more quickly.

If there is no live chat option, you can expect them to take their money somewhere else that gets them answers fast.

Build the Customer Relationship

Live chat is a great way to help build that long term relationship with a customer.  Since almost 80% of customers prefer live chat, they will feel more confident that your business will be there when they need it.  Creating that trust is one of the most important steps to converting a one-time customer into a repeat one.  Repeat customers are where your profits truly are.

Customer Data Collection

Not everyone is keen on joining a mailing list.  Live chat is also a great way to collect leads.  Before a chat session can begin, customers usually have to fill out their name and email.  Not only is this an ingenious way to personalize the experience, but you can collect their data.  You can ask them in real time if they want to sign up for promotions, advance sales notices, or just regular email newsletters.

Helps You Know What Customers Want

Live chat is also a great way to keep track of what customers love, and don’t love, about your products and services.  This is invaluable data that can make your product even better.  Without knowing what customers want from you, you can’t give them exactly what they want.  Collect the data you get from live chats and use it to improve your business.

As you can see, live chat is a great feature to your website that will generate leads, create customer relationships, and encourage them to purchase from you.  The most important thing we want to do is create an amazing customer experience and have superb customer service.  Excel at these, and you will see endless profits for your business!

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