Landing Pages: 3 Tips for Conversion Rate Success

Jackie L.


Landing pages are essential to telling your customers all about your product or service.  When we create ads, the call-to-action can lead customers to these single web pages.  If you are advertising a specific product, your customers will be directed to a landing page that tells them all the relevant information they need.  These pages act like a salesperson, and they need to be convincing in order to sell a product or service effectively.  

If you find your landing pages could do better, or you want to write more effective copy, check out these tips below!

What is the End Goal?

Landing pages are not usual pages of your website.  These are single website pages.  They do not have navigation bars.  They talk about a specific product or service that you want the customer to purchase.  A landing page without a goal in mind will make it completely useless.  Think about your end goal and start to build from there.  Is it to sell a product?  Is it to sign up for a newsletter?  Once you know this, it makes it easier to write copy that will convince visitors to click that Call-to-Action.  

How Well Do Visitors Know You?

Now is time to think about the audience your landing page is appearing for.  Targeting your audience correctly increases conversion rates by 300%!  Does this audience already know your company and products?  If the answer is yes, then a short and sweet landing page will be great for them.  You don’t want to clutter it up for repeat customers.  They know what you are all about.  So, leave out unnecessary information that they already have.

Is this for those who have never heard of you?  This is where a longer landing page will come in handy.  Remember, landing pages are a single page with all the information a visitor needs to help them make a decision.  However, do not put too much information.  Potential customers do not have very much time, around 10 seconds in fact, to be WOW’d by your company.  Again, give them all they need to know more about you and why they should respond to your call of action.

There’s Always Room for Improvement

Even if we write the most absolutely amazing copy, there will be certain potential customers not taking that call-to-action.  It’s important to ask for feedback.  If they decided not to do business with you, ask them why.  If you don’t know why, then you cannot improve your landing page.  Like everything else, is not something you create and leave be.  Optimization of landing pages guarantees more successful conversion rates.

Remember, landing pages are key to helping your customers, or potential customers, make the decision to purchase from you.  Make sure your copy is convincing, concise, and clear.  It’s your salesperson, so make sure it knows how to sell the beans out of your products!

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