Increase Conversion Rates with Your Website Forms

Jackie L.


Website forms are an integral part of having a successful business website. A website form can be anything from contact to lead generation forms. Adding these forms can increase your conversion rates on your business website. However, we want you to get the most out of your website forms, where average conversion rate can turn into one that soars beyond the clouds. We are going to share with you some tips on how to get the most out of your website forms, and guarantee conversion rate success.

Consider Your Mobile Visitors

At Smart Insights, we see that across most countries, over 60% of internet access is through mobile devices. Mobile internet access even beats out desktop internet access across the board. With numbers like these, it is important to make sure your website forms are accessible for mobile users. Make the forms easy to fill out and understand. Use simple language and double check the form on your own mobile device.

Less is More

The phrase "Less is More" applies here, too. When it comes to the number of fields you put into the form, it should be the absolute minimum. Decreasing the number of fields you have has been shown to increase conversion rates by 50%, according to Hubspot.

Take a look at the wording and how long your instructions are for filing out the form. State the benefits, freebies, or instructions in as few words as possible. You can give more of an impact with simple wording by playing with font color, style, and size.

Big, Bright, and Bold

We talked about how color can increase traffic to your website, and it can also increase conversion rates with your website forms. Experiment with your CTA button by using bold, bright colors (that fit with your current website colors), use the benefits that they will receive in a simple phrase, or action words to entice visitors to take action.

Take a look at your form in general. You can also play with color, interesting wording or phrases, and even with the design or style of the form itself. Make it eye-catching, bright, and easy to see. If you have an overall simple website design, a stunning website form will more easily attract visitors to it, and then having them take action.

It's Better Left Unsaid

These questions would help in your insights page when optimizing your marketing strategy, but are better left out on your website form. Some questions to avoid are location, age, phone number, and even the use of dropdown menus.

Test, Edit, Repeat

Once you have your website form ready to go, it's time to see what works and to try new things to increase conversion rates. Play with the design to see if certain colors, phrasing, or actions words change your conversion rates. Something as simple as changing one word, or deleting a field can do wonders for converting visitors into customers. However, don't just edit it once, re-visit your form at various times when your conversion rates seem stagnant. There's always something that can improve the usefulness of your website form.

We hope that our amazing tips on getting the most from your website forms help your conversion rates soar! If you are needing more assistance, or would like us to recommend our favorite apps for optimizing your website forms, send us a message today!

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