Increase Conversion Rates on Your Ecommerce Website

Jackie L.


Ecommerce is taking off quickly due to the increased demand of shopping online.  It’s predicated that up to 95% of shopping will be done online by 2040.  We want to make sure our websites are optimized to their highest potential to accommodate this demand.  There are many easy optimization tricks to utilize today to make the customer experience the best it can be.  It also helps convert on-the-fence customers into loyal, repeat customers.

Let’s get started…

Try Not to Use Captcha

Captcha is an added security feature that helps to differentiate between people and computers filling out forms.  While this helps in avoiding unnecessary sign ups done by bots, captcha can cause trouble for humans.  We’re sure you have used captcha while signing up for forms and ran into the issue of it not working or constantly asking you to select all the crosswalks or traffic lights.  Customers are more likely to convert if captcha is turned off.  Depending on the size of your business, this may be a good decision to help increase your customer base.

Make Sure Your Ecommerce Site is Mobile Friendly

With the high percentage of mobile usage, you will lose business by not having a mobile-friendly website.  Over 80% of ecommerce purchases are done on a mobile phone.  Make sure to test your mobile website for user friendliness, and that everything loads within a reasonable time.  Keep the design simple and navigation obvious.  Optimize your images and the checkout process so people can do it all on their phone.

Keep Forms Short

There’s nothing more time consuming than having to fill in numerous fields on forms.  Potential customers just don’t have the time.  Keep forms short and sweet.  Delete fields that really are not necessary and that you can do without.  

Highlight Sales and Discounts

When people visit your ecommerce site, highlight the fact you are having a huge sale or a special limited discount.  Consumers want a really good deal.  Showcase the products on sale with a slideshow on the homepage, or add an eye-catching banner that your sale is going on.  Provide easy-to-spot Call-to-Actions that take them to the sale section immediately.

If you have a special discount code for first time shoppers, create a pop-up or have it listed at the top of your home page.  Let them know right away, and in an obvious spot, that they can get a discount NOW.

Have a Variety of Payment Methods

Since you are reaching customers from all over the world, not all payment methods are going to be the same.  Make sure to give your customers a wide variety of options at checkout.  There’s nothing worse than thinking you will pay with one method to only find out after the checkout process that it’s not accepted.  See which options will work for you and your target customer base.  

The key to success in Ecommerce is to create a completely customer-focused website.  User-friendliness is paramount in generating sales and increasing conversion rates.  These steps are easy to implement today and you will start seeing results quickly!

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