Ideas to Get Your Followers Engaged

Jackie L.


Follower engagement is a must in retaining customers.  If you are not a part of the conversation on your social media platforms, your business is greatly missing out.  Almost 30% of time spent on social media is dedicated to interactions.  The more your customers, and potential customers, feel connected to you and not some business, the more they are willing to purchase from you.  Creating the community for your customers and keeping them engaged makes them feel connected to others, too.  

If you are looking to encourage more conversations on your social media, check out these great ways to get that started!

Customer Feedback

There is nothing better than customer feedback.  Don’t be afraid of what your customers might say about your services or products.  Whether positive or negative, this type of feedback can greatly help you create a better customer experience and a better product.  Make a post about a product or service and ask your followers what they think!

Knock, knock

The majority of visitors and followers love comedy.  Especially in times of great stress, a little piece of laughter can go a long way.  Memes are a great type of content that can get people to engage and share on their social media.  You can also utilize Canva and create a unique image with a joke that starts with a question.  This will definitely get your followers to try to guess the answer!

Try Something Unexpected

There’s nothing more engaging than seeing something completely left field on social media.  This can be a funny photo, a crazy quote, or a controversial image.  Knowing who your target audience is will help you pick the right type of unexpected image that they will enjoy.

What’s Your Opinion

Your followers want to know who is behind the social media platform.  They want to know what you think.  Choose a hot or trendy topic and voice your opinion.  This is a great conversation starter.  Don’t shy away from whatever conversation starts.  Engage engage engage!  Don’t start a conversation and then become absent from it.

Ask Your Followers For Help

You may get private messages from followers who may ask a question that would be better answered with a variety of viewpoints.  Ask them if you can post the question (anonymously of course) on your social media and ask your followers to chime in.  This is a great way to help someone, plus get a conversation started.

Ad Libs!

Ad libs are always fun!  They can be as straight-forward or out of left field as the person wants them to be.  Create your own branded ad lib and have your followers take a jab at filling in the blank.  Not only is it fun, but it may spark another great content idea for later!

Customer engagement is the one thing that can easily connect you to your followers.  They enjoy great, funny, and thought provoking conversations.  We all yearn for a community we feel a part of, and increasing engagement helps get that started.

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