How to Write Easy-to-Read Blog Articles

Jackie L.


Having a blog on your website filled with amazing content is an absolute must for business success.  We’ve covered many ways to make your content interesting and unique. However, long content can be hard to digest for some readers.  While writing well thought out and informational content is great, there are ways to break up a wall of text. Check out some ways to make your content easy to read, and enjoyed by a cozy fire.

Add a Few Quotes

A great way to add a break in the paragraphs is to add a quote citing one of your sources.  You may see these in some blog articles you read with larger text, in another color, or in a different font.  Use great quotes that stand out, and add some flare to them so they catch the eye of your reader.

Format Text 

Formatting text is an easy and great way to make a blog post readable.  Add headers to places where the topic might change.  Make the header bold or change the color so it catches the eye.  If there are important tidbits in paragraphs, try using highlights and italics to really hit the idea home for readers.  You can even use colors that fit with your company brand so it brings it all together.

Utilize Media

One of the best ways to break up text-filled articles is using an image, graph, or infographics.  All of these are a great choice for blog posts.  There are many great places to get professional grade images, if you don’t have high-grade ones of your own.  Try places like Unsplash or Pixabay to get free images in almost any subject.  If you the creative type, take a whole blog post and convert it into a unique and colorful infographic!  Using a GIF image is also a popular choice, and adds a bit of humor.

Know Your Audience

Making sure you research your target audience and customer base well will allow you to write better blog posts.  The average blog post should be around 400-600 words in length.  This is enough to get a good amount of information to your readers.  If you need more than 600 words, try writing shorter paragraphs to make it easier to read.

Make it Skim-worthy

A statistic from Hubspot states that 43% of readers skim a blog post.  This means that with long blog posts, the majority of your information could be missed.  This is why it’s so important to utilize the techniques above to make your article readable for just about anyone.  Most readers don’t have a lot of time, or want the information they need quickly.  By writing shorter blog posts with images, bullet lists, and stylized quotes, you make it easier for your readers to get what they need.  Thus, making you a vital place of knowledge.  Make your information easily accessible to everyone, and you’ll find them coming back for more and more!

Do you have an interesting way to break up a long blog article?  Share it with us in the comments below!

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