How to Survive the Pandemic as a Small Business

Jackie L.


As we move into 2021, the pandemic continues on.  Being a small business gets harder and harder each day, as we all try to survive.  Due to the pandemic, around 45% of small businesses say they made less than half of what they did pre-pandemic.  As the pandemic continued in full force in 2020, businesses large and small moved online as consumers were on lockdown in their homes.  

As a small business owner, you are probably wondering what you can do to keep reaching your audience.  We have some tips that you can start today to help you stay a float.

Get More Social

Social media has been booming since the pandemic started.  Businesses and customers alike have relied on social media to sell and buy products and services.  If you haven’t gotten on social media yet, you should be on there now.  If you are on social media but are not consistently posting, it’s time to plan your social media strategy.  Keeping consistent not only let’s customers find you faster, but they know that you are active and they can interact with you.  Make their social media experience a fun and entertaining one, leaving behind the fact that the pandemic is still going on.

Be Available Online

Any small brick-and-mortar store should have a website.  If you don’t have a website, you can easily create an online store with ecommerce websites like Ecwid or Shopify.  You can set your online store up in a day and start selling ASAP.  

If you have a regular website, make sure that it is user-friendly and easy to navigate.  Customers don’t have much time to go on a treasure hunt.  If they can’t find what they want and checkout in as few steps as possible, you can be sure they will move on to a competitor.

Give Out Special Offers

Like you, your customers are also struggling.  Many people are either on lockdown, staying home due to health, or without a job.  They are searching online for the best deals, safe purchasing options, and other ways to save money wherever they can.  This is a great time for you to show your audience you understand how hard it is now.  Be the company that is there for them.  Create special sales, deals, or offers during this time.  It could be a special discount, extending sales, or offering free shipping no matter how big or small the order is.

Take Time to Focus on Other Areas

Has there been an area of your business that lacked a little attention?  Take some of the down time to work on refreshing a website, updating your branding, or tweak your content strategy.  Whatever it is, it can always be made better and more engaging for your audience.  Take time to answer customer comments and reviews.  Engage more on social media.  See where you can give more value to your customers.

Despite the challenges the Pandemic has brought us, there is always a way to keep moving forward.  We are all struggling, and need each other now more than ever.  The more you show your customers you are there for them, the more they will love you for it.

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