How to Recover Abandoned Shopping Carts

Jackie L.


You have a rocking, easy to use ecommerce website.  You are killing it with your visual content strategy.  However, you notice one thing- why are there a  large number of customers abandoning their shopping carts?  According to Barilliance, as much as 70% of online sales are abandoned by visiting customers.  Seeing a rate of abandonment this high may make you sweat a bit, but do not fear!  We have some solutions you can put to use right after you finish this article that can turn those abandoned shopping carts into final sales.

The Best Way to Recover Abandoned Shopping Carts is….

…your trusty email marketing list.  Email has been shown to be the most effective way to get customers to finish the sale.  Almost half of all shopping cart recovery emails are opened by customers, and half of those customers are clicking through to your website.  You can accomplish recovery several ways through email with support, guidance, incentives, and information.  As long as you send the emails out right after the cart is abandoned, you will have the most success with this method.

Make it Personal

Using a personalization option in your marketing campaign is a sure fire way to encourage more customers to click through.  Personalizing an email makes a customer feel valued and well-cared for.  This also helps you build a trusting and lasting relationship with more customers.

An Offer They Can’t Refuse

You can also use this opportunity to entice customers who abandoned a shopping cart with a special offer.  Show them that completing the sale will get them free shipping, a special discount on the total purchase, or a coupon sent to them after the sale is complete.  Another great way to ward off the possibility of abandoned shopping carts is to offer an incentive on the first purchase.  This will also encourage more repeat purchases by the same customer.

A Call to Action

We’ve talked about the amazing results a well thought out and eye catching Call to Action can have on your audience engagement, and it’s no surprise that it will also work when encouraging customers to complete a purchase.  Make sure your Call to Action button is a bright and noticeable color with text that invokes action, such as “Complete Purchase”, “Continue Shopping”, or “Take Me Back to my Cart”.

Remind Them of What They Looked At

In your email, show the customer the product they have left in their cart.  You can entice a sale by comparing the price of your product to that of a competitor or even cross-selling the product with something similar in your store.

As you can see, we highly recommend using email as your main go-to method of getting your customers back to their abandoned cart and completing the sale.  Showing your product, offering special discounts, and having a unique and eye-catching Call To Action are sure to be a success.  Have you used another method that worked in getting customers back to their abandoned carts?  Share it with us in the comments below!

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