How to Overcome a Creative Block

Jackie L.


Finding the time, or will, to create enough content to make sure you have a constant stream of it for your loyal followers can sometimes become a challenge.  You may find you don't have time, are running out of ideas, or just plain lost the drive you had at the beginning.  If you find that you struggle to keep your creative spark alive, we have a few tips to help you find the inspiration and motivation to keep creating amazing content that your target base will love.

Revisit Old Draft Content

The best source for topics can be something you began writing or creating but left it for later.  Go back and see what you have in your vault.  There's a good chance you have several drafted content ideas nearing completion.  Read through and see what stuck out to you, then build from there.

Give Yourself Some Space

You've been chugging away for several hours and find you are losing steam.  Taking some time away from creating can allow your mind to reset.  Take a short walk and be present in the moment.  You may find new ideas or even a fresh burst of energy to complete the current content you are working on.  Letting your mind wander can help get you through a creative block or allow you to refocus.

Make a To-Do List

At the end of the day, make a plan on what you will do the following day in regards to creating content.  An article at Fast Company states that you should look at making a to-do list like note taking.  By making this list, you are logging away in your brain the most important things that need to be done.  When you wake up, you will be ready to tackle your content creation with better ease, helping you feel more accomplished and motivated.

Feeling Tired?  Get to Writing!

When we start feeling tired, we put creating content off to the side, or we might procrastinate a bit.  However, writing or creating when tired can actually help you more than being wide awake.  An article at Smithsonian Magazine says being tired can actually allow for more creative thoughts and ideas to come to light due to how the mind can wander in this state.  Are you a night owl?  Try creating content early in the morning, and vice versa for you Early Birds.  Of course, don't ever push yourself to exhaustion.

Make a Ritual to Get You Started

Implementing a small ritual before the act of creating content can do wonders for your motivation.  It can be as small as making your favorite coffee or tea, opening the window, or a short exercise routine to begin the process.  Do something that gets your creative juices and motivation flowing at the same time each day.  A new ritual will eventually become habit and you will look forward to creating amazing content everyday.

We hope you found these suggestions helpful in jump starting your drive to creating content for your business.  Posting meaningful content on a schedule does wonders for building trust with your customer base, so start your process off right and get inspired!  Do you have another piece of advice for when you are feeling less than motivated to create?  Tell us below in the comments!

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