How to Market with Snapchat

Jackie L.

You might have heard of Snapchat, and depending on the generation you were born in, may or may not have brushed it off. However, Snapchat is another social media platform that you can utilize for marketing purposes. Brandwatch tells us that a recent survey showed 78% of Americans aged 18-25 use Snapchat. That’s a pretty high percentage of a potential market to tap into with this fun social media app! If you are looking to expand into more social media platforms, or are wondering if Snapchat is right for you, take a look at some of our tips to get the most out of your marketing dollars with this amazing platform.

Get Creative

Snapchat is a great platform to give your customers, and potential customers, a great sneak peek at what you are all about. Snapchat’s most unique feature is the short timespan of a picture, video, or message, and sometimes you only have 8 seconds to get a customer’s attention. This gives the customer a sense of urgency to view what you post. This is a great way to get creative and unique with your content, which will lead to more customers waiting at the edge of their seats for your next post.

Use Snapchat a bit differently than you would with other social media platforms. The car company Acura separated it’s Snapchat account from its Instagram and Facebook ones by enticing potential customers to become the first 100 followers and, those first 100 received a special sneak peek at a new product.

Behind the Scenes

We all love the outtakes and behind the scenes documentaries that come with our favorite movies. You can do the same thing with Snapchat, and give customers a behind-the-scenes of what you are all about. This tactic will definitely keep your audience engaged as it allows them to see how transparent you are, and gives them a chance to get to know you and your business.

Engage Your Audience

This is the most important thing about using any social media platform, and it is no less true for Snapchat. Engage with your audience regularly. While commenting on followers’ questions or comments on your own Snapchat is great, spend some time going to their Snapchat account and engaging with them there also. Engagement helps you build a repertoire with your audience and converts them into loyal customers.

Invest in Snap Ads

If you are using Facebook and Instagram ads, you can also do the same on Snapchat. Snapchat ads are full screen ads with default sound. You can also create your own filter so that customers can use them and you can see where and when your product is on their minds. This is amazingly helpful to get even more insights into how your product affects the lives of your audience, so you can create more meaningful content for customers to share.

As you can see, Snapchat has a wealth of marketing potential for your audience. Making sure you fully understand and use the platform to its full potential will allow you to connect with more people and bring awareness to your brand. Should you be needing more assistance in starting your marketing campaign on Snapchat, send us a message today!

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